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Past events sponsored by the CBA are listed below. For more information about any of the events please follow the event-title links.


Business Analytics Roundtable
Friday, November 22, 2013

“Integrating Analytics and Process Improvement at Vanguard”
James Hyatt – principal, Center for Excellence, Vanguard

“Optimizing the Sales Process”
Steve Crom – partner, Valeocon Management Consulting
Thomas Bertels, partner, Valeocon Management Consulting

"Air Products Data and Analytics (DnA) Journey"
Glenn Kasten, Program Manager for Management Reporting, Air Products
Steve Smith, Director of Information Technology Analytics, Air Products

Business Analytics Professional Education
October 25, 2013

“Business Performance Management for the 21st Century”
Gary Cokins - Founder, Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC

Thought Leader Lecture Series
October 4, 2013

“Trends That Change Everything”
Tom Klein '84 VSB - CEO and President, Sabre Holdings

Thought Leader Lecture Series
April 12, 2013

“How Data is Influencing the NFL Fan Experience”
Alicia Rankin - head of research and fan insights, National Football League (NFL)


Business Analytics Roundtable
November 29, 2012

“Enterprise Data Integration: Turning Data into a Strategic Asset”
W. Graham Tasman  -  Grant Thornton LLP

“The Promise of Social Media in Analytics”
Chris Bound  -  Social Media Research Bureau

“Case Study: Improving Call Center Forecasting”
Thomas Coghlan - Center for Business Analytics, Villanova University
Timothy Krall - Excelon
Dave Shavor - Excelon

Thought Leader Lecture Series
October 26, 2012

“Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”
Thomas Davenport - Babson College, International Institute for Analytics

Business Practitioner Lecture Series
October 10, 2012

"Data-Driven Decision Making: How Congregational Leaders Can Leverage Data to Create Sustainability"
Sacha Litma - managing director and founder, Measuring Success

Business Analytics Round Table
June 15, 2012

"The Performance Management Framework"
Roland Mosimann - CEO, AlignAlytics

“New Customer Acquisition – Marketing Optimization”
Ron Cline - vice president, Bank of America

"Assessing the State of Mobile Analytics"
William (Bill) Wagner, PhD - associate professor of Accountancy & Information Systems, Villanova University

Thought Leader Lecture Series
April 18, 2012

"Winning with Analytics"
William McDermott  -  co-CEO, SAP AG

Business Practitioner Lecture Series
February 24, 2012

"Linking Performance Insights & Metrics to Advocacy Behavior: The Customer Advocate and The Customer Saboteur."
Michael Lowenstein - executive vice president,  Market Probe

Business Practitioner Lecture Series
January 27, 2012

"The Promise of Social Media"
Chris Bound - founder and chief statistician, Social Media Research Bureau; statistician, Medidata Solutions


Business Analytics Roundtable
November 11, 2011

"Business Analytics: The Promises and Perils"
Gary Cokins - principal consultant at SAS and author of 
Performance Management

"Driving Profits with Business Analytics"
Ted Gifford - distinguished member of the technical staff, Schneider National Inc.

"Know thy Customer: Next Generation Techniques for Turning Customer Data into Action"
Stephen Meyer - director of data strategy, Comcast Interactive Media
Ryan Caplan - CEO and founder, ColdLight Solutions

Thought Leader Lecture Series
October 28, 2011

"Driving Business Performance Through Analytics"
Christopher T. Gheysens - CFO, Wawa

Business Analytics Roundtable
April 13, 2011

“Driving Efficiencies through a Single Global Business Intelligence Framework”
Mike Bizzoco - director of global business intelligence, Campbell’s Soup Company

“Re-imagining the Brand…and the Use of Data to Unwind Myths”
John Vonk  -  VP product planning, Comcast XFINITY

Thought Leader Lecture Series
April 1, 2011
"Using Business Analytics to Embrace Social Commerce and to Take Customer Engagement to New Levels"
Chris McCann - president,


Business Analytics Roundtable
November 5, 2010

"To Catch a Thief: Combating Fraud and Aiding Investigations with Data Analytics"
Jeremy Osinski - senior manager, Ernst and Young
Jared Crafton - senior manager, Ernst and Young

"Workers' Compensation Best Practices: Data Analytics"
Debbie Rodgers - VP, global risk management, ARAMARK

"Establishing Key Performance Indicators - A Case Study from the Life Sciences Industry"
Michael Zubey - senior principal and director, IMS Health Consulting and Services

Thought Leader Lecture Series
October 22, 2010

"The Unbeatable Combination of Analytics and Innovation."
Thornton May - futurist, educator, author of
The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics

Business Analytics Roundtable
April 29, 2010

“The State of Business Analytics”
Tom Davenport, author of Competing on Analytics and Analytics at Work

Thought Leader Lecture Series
March 26, 2010

“Business Analytics Customer Loyalty, and Profitability"
Gary Loveman - chairman, CEO and president, Harrah's Entertainment

Thought Leader Lecture Series
January 15, 2010

“Analytics Impact on Long Term Success"
Dr. Jim Goodnight - CEO and founder, SAS


Business Analytics Roundtable
June 12, 2009

“Store Dashboard and Enterprise Models”
John Baldino - Wawa
Brian McCaffrey - Wawa

“Award-winning Analytics Approach to Employee Safety”
Andrew Pelcin - ARAMARK

“Role of Quantitative Approaches in Professional Football Operations”
Andrew Brant - The Philadelphia  Eagles

Business Analytics Roundtable
September 25, 2009

“Unlocking the Information in Transactional Systems”
Glenn Kasten - Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Ted Wagner - Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

“A New Approach to Data Analysis and Decision-Making”
Lars Bjork - CEO, Qlik Tech

“Using 100% of Customer Feedback to Listen to Customers”
Bryan Jeppsen - JetBlue Airways, Inc.

Business Analytics Roundtable
February 27, 2009

“Proven Practices using Predictive Analytics Linked to Top Level Metrics”
Kathleen Donahue - Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

“Frameworks and Tools for Predictive and Leading Measurement”
George Diehl - Villanova School of Business

“Villanova Current Couse Offerings to Meet BA Skill Requirements”
Matt Liberatore, Wenhong Luo and Tom Coghlan

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