MBA Analytics Specialization

As a part of the Villanova MBA, students are able to specialize in Business Analytics. These courses range in topic and are offered across the fall, spring and summer semesters. In order to earn a Business Analytics specialization, students must take 7.5 credits in qualifying coursework.

Sample elective courses are found below:

MBA 8580: Introduction to Business Analytics – 3 credits

Provides an overview of the business analytics process and important analytic techniques; data visualization, data mining, optimization, and simulation. Exposes students to a variety of business problems in analytics (marketing, finance, operations). Throughout the course, students will learn to model and analyze complex business decisions with various tools on spreadsheets to improve decision making across business functions.

MBA 8140: Customer Relationship Management – 1.5 credits

Discusses theoretic and practical issues related to implementation and use of CRM systems including: distinct functional areas (Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Support Centers) and their integration with tools like and SAP’s integrated CRM package.

MBA 8141: Dashboard Analytics – 1.5 credits

Covers design and implementation of analytic dashboards in various functional areas. Topics include: underlying data sources, their integration into overall dashboard strategy and dashboard lifecycle from design to implementation of simple and advanced dashboards using Xcelsius and SAP’s Business Objects.

MBA 8142: Business Intelligence: Leveraging the Value of Information – 1.5 credits

Examines BI concepts/technologies from business user/analyst perspective. Covers transformation of data into valuable insights for decision making and how to use a BI tool to create applications and dashboards to support problem solving.  Final project addresses real life business problem. 

MBA 8147: Analytics in Sports Business – 1.5 credits

Discusses theory and application of how professional sports franchises gain competitive advantage through the integration of data analysis into their decision-making processes.

MBA 8537: Introduction to Data Mining – 1.5 credits

Process of selecting, exploring, and modeling large amounts of data to uncover previously unknown patterns and gain insights. Several data mining techniques will be applied to large data sets from different business areas to support business decision making.

MBA: 8582: Analytical Methods for Data Mining – 3 credits

Data mining is the process of selecting, exploring, and modeling large amounts of data to uncover previously unknown patterns and gain insights. The objective of this course is to teach students how (and when) to use various techniques for mining data. Topics include logistic regression, decision tree networks, and neural networks. Students will mine large datasets from a variety of business areas and use their findings to support business decision making.

MBA 8330: Big Data: Theories & Practice – 1.5 credits

A number of factors contribute to increasing the volume, velocity, and variety of data, causing the new phenomenon of Big Data to become an unavoidable IT challenge. This MIS special topics course will examine Big Data from both theoretical and practical perspectives in a condensed 2-weekend format. Laptop required.


MBA 8649: Marketing Analytics – 1.5 credits

Marketing Analytics is designed to provide students with a current, comprehensive, and real-world exploration into the vast realm of analysis within the marketing business function. A focus will be around the full analytics process: planning, data gathering, data cleansing, analysis, presentation of findings, and strategic recommendations. The course includes lecture, casework, and digital assignments within software packages such as Google Analytics, the Google Analytics API, and JMP while also using Tableau and advanced Excel capabilities for efficient data visualization and dashboarding. Themes used throughout the course include channel attribution, lifetime value, and e-commerce optimization.  Upon completion students will have an understanding of how marketing analysis is used to garner actionable insights to improve company performance.

MBA 8562: Simulation of Business Analytics – 1.5 credits

Spreadsheet modeling course that studies real business decisions. Spreadsheet add-ins @Risk and Precision Tree will be used to allow the student to model applications in finance, marketing, and operations. The students will gain an understanding and appreciation for the uncertainty of values in certain cells and the significant impact that the uncertainty can have on decisions.

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