The Center for Business Analytics is proud to work across the Academic Departments at VSB to include analytics as a key component of the VSB undergraduate and graduate core curricula.

VSB currently offers Analytics in the form of a co-major and minor for undergraduate students, as well as a MS in Business Analytics and a Business Analytics specialization in the MBA programs.

Most recently, VSB has partnered with KPMG to deliver an exclusive MS degree (MS in Accountancy/ Analytics) for recent graduates admitted to their audit practice, using proprietary tools and resources.

 This program and feedback from top global accounting firms helped shape the new Master of Accounting with Data Analytics (MACDA), an innovative program that integrates data analytics with other essential skills - valuation, risk, tax, fraud, and qualitative skills – to prepare students to become multi-dimensional accountants.

All VSB sophomores are required to take Business Analytics; VSB students may select an analytics minor; MBA students are offered a selection of analytics electives

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Daniel Wright, PhD
Faculty Director

Meredith K. Lockyer
Center for Business Analytics
(610) 519-7016

Sharon Ballard
Program Coordinator

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