Past Fall 2017 Events

Career Advancement for Introverts - Thursday, September 7

Nancy Ancowitz, a presentation and career coach who guides clients in vital career-building and leadership skills, provided a workshop for students, faculty, staff and alumni on “Career Advancement for Introverts.” Nancy is the author of Self-Promotion for Introverts. In addition to her role as a career coach, she has served as a marketing VP at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., and prior to that she worked at Citibank, where she received an outstanding achievement award for her innovations in creating proposals for international clients.

The workshop provided attendees hands-on tools and techniques to help discover their strengths and apply them to make a valuable impact on their career as well as their organization. The exercises enabled participants to manage their energy as introverts in one-on-one conversations and group meetings. The workshop was presented by the Villanova Women’s Professional Network and The Women in Business Society

AAUW – Work Smart Wage Negotiation workshops – September 17 and November 9

VWPN held two Work Smart Wage Negotiation Workshops this fall at Villanova University on Sunday, September 17 and Wednesday, November 9. Villanova students, staff and alumni attending the workshops learned more about negotiating for a promotion or salary increase. Through an interactive lecture and practical role-playing exercises, the workshops helped participants identify their personal value, develop persuasive responses and negotiation strategies, conduct objective market research to benchmark a target salary and benefits, and acknowledge the effects of  the gender pay gap on economic security and life goals.

The workshops were facilitated by Cheryl Carleton, Assistant Professor of Economics, VSB and Director of Villanova’s Women Professional Network. The workshops are co-sponsored with HRD and the MPA Program.

Brazen on-line Women’s Professional Networking Hour – September 26 and November 9

The networking events were held online in a chat platform and provided Villanova students, faculty, staff and alumni an opportunity to network and share professional and personal advice. The online networking on September 26 allowed participants to get to know each other before the Women’s Leadership Summit on October 26 and pass on the excitement for the launch of the Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women’s Leadership. The one on November 9 allowed all Summit attendees a change to reconnect and continue the conversation sparked at the event.

The event was sponsored by the Villanova University Alumni Association and Villanova Women’s Professional Network.

Panel Discussion of the movie Equity – November 15

Sue Metzger, Dept. of Accounting and Information Sciences, moderated a panel of women in the financial industry who discussed the role of women portrayed in the movie, Equity.  The Panelists included Debbie Moher Geffkin and Joslyn Ewart.

Attendees discussed the powerful role women played in ethics, greed and relationships with a panel of women whose careers have been based in the financial world of trading, acquisitions and IPOs. The panelists also provided their review of the movie and told related stories.

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