Villanova School of Business International Internships and Study Abroad

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According to the former U.S. Secretary of Education, Rod Paige, "Complex global interactions, once reserved for the diplomatic corps, are today the stuff of everyday business deals and cultural exchanges. If we expect students to navigate international waters, we need to give them an international education that meets the highest standards..."

The Office of Education Abroad is dedicated to offering international education opportunities that meet those standards with an emphasis on academic discovery, personal growth, cultural engagement and career development. This dedication is reflected not only in the Academic Strategic Plan of Villanova University but also by the Augustinian identity of the university itself. St. Augustine's philosophical, theological, and spiritual development is linked intimately with his own international educational experiences.

The Office of Education Abroad offers many additional opportunities for international study which include programs coordinated by affiliated partners and host universities all over the world.  Your first step towards study abroad is to attend an information session in the Office of Education Abroad.

The programs listed below are customized for VSB students and/or are led by VSB faculty. Most also include international internship opportunities.

Global Citizens – London or Singapore

The unique Global Citizens program sends freshman students abroad each Spring for a sixteen week overseas study experience combining academic coursework with a practical internship located in either London or Singapore! This program is designed to offer a unique and life-altering academic experience to first year business students, thereby enabling participants to: Stimulate greater intellectual curiosity early in their college careers; Challenge pre-conceived notions of the world; Test career assumptions early; Start building resumes and allow for more competitive future jobs; Have the opportunity to study overseas later as a sophomore, junior, or first semester senior.

Urbino BCIC (Business & Culture in the Italian Context)

The Business and Culture in the Italian Context (BCIC) Program in Urbino, Italy, has been designed to meet the curricular needs of VSB Sophomores interested in International Business and Italian language and culture. The city's central location in Italy, along with its rich academic history, offers an excellent vantage point for students to explore the many facets of modern Italy's economy and culture in a global context. Students will serve as consultants and develop a foreign market entry strategy for a local Italian company as part of the Competitive Effectiveness course.

Shanghai: Business and Communication Internship Program

In an increasingly interconnected global marketplace, international experience constitutes a competitive advantage for students entering the workforce.  For more than a decade, VSB has offered a unique academic and business internship program that provides students with a comprehensive introduction to China. In addition to an intensive course focusing on the political economy of China, students gain professional experience while interning at a wide range of companies in Shanghai, the commercial center of the world’s second-largest economy.   

London Summer IB Internship – London School of Economics

This 10-week, 9-credit program gives students the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious schools in the world, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), take a Villanova course on international business, as well as participate as an intern for an organization located in London, UK. Because of its importance as an economic and cultural hub, London is an ideal location to develop an international network and build upon your skills.

Globalization & Business – American University Rome

The American University of Rome (AUR) program provides students with a multi-faceted experience and cultural immersion in Italy while ensuring an understanding of international business and the global marketplace. During this eight-week program, a group of distinguished outside leaders from Italian business and politics will help you navigate the global business environment through innovative coursework, company site visits including an Italian Parliament tour, a visit to the U.S. Embassy, and visits to Italian businesses, governmental agency, or non-profit organizations. Students will become immersed in Italian culture through an intensive cultural immersion course delivered by AUR faculty and through living in an authentic Italian neighborhood. Students will earn a total of six credits consisting of an AUR-led three-credit course, and a three-credit Villanova-led business course.

Economic and Political Union, Arts and Culture of Italy – John Cabot University Rome

The purpose of this program is to provide students with the opportunity to participate in their choice of academic courses overseas and to gain an international perspective on global business activities. Students are required to take ECO-3108/4200 Case Study of the Economic and Political Union of Europe. This course includes a series of lectures and site visits. All students enroll in one additional business or social science course offered by John Cabot University during the summer session.