VSB Global Opportunities


The Villanova School of Business (VSB) is committed to becoming a premier global business school with a strong international presence and reputation. We are dedicated to the globalization of our curricular and extracurricular offerings and initiatives. Global outreach partnerships further enrich opportunities for student, faculty, staff and alumni engagement with global NGOs and businesses in our region.

VSB has a long history of welcoming international students and scholars to our institution who bring rich, diverse views and perspectives to the classroom. We strive to provide cutting-edge research and thought leadership that sheds new light on issues of concern to global business, government, and society, especially research that explores how business can be an agent of world benefit.

We believe that all students, faculty and staff should have exposure to and develop an appreciation of foreign cultures, political systems, religious traditions, and economic institutions in order to become thoughtful and effective global citizens. In line with Villanova’s Augustinian tradition, we believe in and promote the role of business as an agent of economic and social progress in the world.  As such, we are developing business leaders for a better world.