Camp Staff

  • Mike Brown - Villanova University, NCAA Champion- Hurdles
  • Peter Carroll - Swarthmore College, Head Coach- Distance
  • J. B. Haglund - Haverford College, NCAA ALL-American- Men’s Distance
  • Christine Heffernan - Villanova University, Throws
  • Pat Itanyi - West Virginia University, 2000 Olympics-Hurdles
  • Paul Moser - Villanova University, NCAA Champion- Middle Distance
  • Nic O’Brien - Villanova University, NCAA Champion- Sprints/Hurdles
  • James Robinson - Rutgers University, Head Coach-Jumps
  • Marcus O’Sullivan - Villanova University, Head Coach- Distance
  • Leashia Rahr - Conestoga High, NCAA All-American- Sprints
  • George Reynolds - Villanova University, Throws Coach
  • James Stevenson - Mt. St. Mary’s College, Jumps
  • Martin Booker - Camden High School, Sprints, Hurdles
  • Syd Martin - St. Anthony High School NY, Sprints
  • Fran Rizzo - Haverford College, Head Coach-Distance
  • Gwenn Harris -University of Pennsylvania, Head Coach-Jumps
  • Oliver St.Aude - St. Anthony HS NY, Head Coach- Sprints
  • Patrick Gazzini - Columbia University
  • Ilene Lee - Villanova University, Secretary

Camp Pricing

Day Camp: $375.00 (Ages 11-18)
Overnight Camp: $485.00 (Ages 14-18)

There is a $75.00 administrative fee for all cancellations.

We will use email to provide any camp updates.

Team Discounts
A Discount will be given for teams with 5 or more members from the same school. Discounts will be given out at check-in on the first day of camp.