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Our program is broken down into two teams, coed and all girl.  Both teams are under Head Coach Jamie Shroy, and have individual squad coaches as well.


Coed Team

The coed team is comprised of 8-10 males and 8-10 females.  Most of our athletes were not on coed teams prior to joining, so they are taught after joining.  Stunts are single-based using toss technique, unlike a multi-base step up style.  We also perform straight, flipping, and twisting pyramids and baskets.  Our priority is cheering on our sports teams while adding entertainment by safely performing basic and elite skills.

all girl

All Girl Team

The all girl team is comprised of approximately 16-18 females.  Most of our athletes have cheer experience, or a strong background in gymnastics or dance.  Tumbling is one of our strengths and highly encouraged.  Stunts are multi-based and members are capable of stunting in four person groups with two bases, back spot and flyer or in double base groups with two bases and a flyer.


Nationals Team

Every January, between 16 and 22 individuals chosen from our coed and all girl squads have the opportunity to represent Villanova in Orlando, FL where we compete at UCA College Nationals.  We normally compete in the small coed division, which allows up to 4 of the 16 cheerleaders on the floor to be males.  The routine consists of about one minute and 45 seconds of music with a 45 second cheer in the middle, totaling to a total routine time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  The nationals process is our chance to be competitive and maximize our skills on a national level.


Contact Us

Jamie Shroy
Cheerleading Coach
Athletic Department
Villanova University
Villanova, PA 19085


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