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Minor Requirements

Course Requirements

In order to complete the Minor in Writing & Rhetoric, students must complete 18 credit hours, comprising 6 advanced courses numbered 2000 and above. All courses are to be Writing Enriched or Writing Intensive:

  1. Three courses in writing practice
  2. Two courses in theory of composition, history of the language, rhetorical theory or critical theory
  3. One English Department course in English language or advanced textual analysis (All writing enriched or writing intensive literature courses above 2100 will satisfy this requirement.)

Chart for Tracking Requirements for the Minor

Additional Requirements

Grammar, Style and Punctuation Exam

By the end of their first semester of work toward the minor, students will have studied for and passed a self-administered WebCT exam covering principles of Standard Edited English, a style sheet such as that of the Associated Press, and other rules of grammar, punctuation and mechanics. Students will have access to many types of study materials to prepare for this exam and will be allowed to take the exam as many times as they wish.