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Sample Curriculum Sequence

Listed below is a course sequence for a student who begins the concentration in his or her junior year. Since there is a wide variety of courses to choose from, the sequence below represents one among many possible course selections over the two years.

Junior Year


  • Pass editing/grammar exam
  • ENG 2000 - Adv Expository Writing
  • COM 3207 - African American Rhetoric


  • ENG 2050 - Writing for Magazines
  • COM 2210 - Rhetoric and Public Discourse

Senior Year



  • ENG 4621 - Amer Novel since 1950
  • Produce "clip book" portfolio
  • Produce academic/professional web page

Requirements for Admission & Completion

Students must apply for admission to the program (Concentration). Submit the application to Dr. Ellen Bonds, Director of the Concentration in Writing and Rhetoric, English Department. Applicants who meet the admission requirements will be contacted by Dr. Bonds for an initial advising interview.

Students must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better to enroll in the Concentration. Students must maintain a 3.00 average in all Concentration courses.

After successfully completing all course requirements, a WebCt grammar/editing exam, a writing practicum or internship, a clip-book (hardcopy) and an e-portfolio, students will be awarded the Concentration certificate. The Concentration will also be noted on the student's transcript.

Students are required to attend two Concentration events over the course of their enrollment in the program.