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ACLAMO After School Program
512 Marshall St.  Norristown PA 610-277-2750

Support school readiness and school achievement among at-risk children in Norristown Area School District's Spanish-speaking community, and to foster commitment to education through family involvement. Teachers and college student volunteers offer homework assistance and tutoring to 50 students from kindergarten to 7th grade, Monday to Thursday from 3 to 6 pm.  Tutors will work 1:1 or 2:1 with student learning English as a second language.

Service days and times   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and or Thursday 3:00-6:00 7-10 per day

Primarily freshman service learning community (Caritas) site.  Sophomores are welcome as role models and mentors.

Clearances: All volunteers will need triple clearance.

Follow direction for volunteers.
You must turn in copies to director of Education.


Over Thirty-seven years ago, a group of friends and neighbors joined together with their Norristown community and created an organization to assist the growing Latino population. Over the decades the nationalities have changed. But the needs of families remain the same for all; to provide security, love, an education, and a future for their children


What our students say about ACLAMO

My past year serving with ACLAMO has been one of the most rewarding yet difficult experiences of my life. ACLAMO is an after-school tutoring program in Norristown, Pennsylvania that serves a population that is mostly made up of individuals of Hispanic descent. As volunteers, we served first and foremost in the classroom, working one-on-one with the children on their homework in a small classroom setting. The children are anywhere from in kindergarten through middle school. Once their homework is completed, we worked with the children on reading, as they sought to earn “ACLAMO dollars” to be used to purchase donated items in the school store on a weekly basis. We also spent time working on individual skills, such as spelling or money. Beyond the direct schoolwork we completed, we were gifted with the opportunity to interact with the children and learn about their lives. Even though many came from backgrounds that were different than my own, I was still able to connect with my second graders. As corny as it may sound, the children of ACLAMO have taught me more as I could ever teach them and have really helped me to start to open my eyes to the multitude of injustices that they face on a regular basis, igniting my passion to really start to look at what I was blind to for so long. When it came time to say goodbye for the summer, my eyes were filled with tears because I could not bear to not see them for several months. These children mean the world to me and I hope that you get to have a similar experience. I highly recommend serving with ACLAMO. Be ready for lots of jokes, smiles, laughter, and an overall educational experience!  Kaitlyn Irwin ‘18

"I loved ACLAMO so much! ACLAMO is an after-school program for students in Norristown from kindergarten through 6th grade. Volunteers are assigned to a classroom and help the kids with homework, talk to them about their days, help them with their reading, make sure they have their school work organized, and play games with them or do other activities.  As someone who hopes to be an elementary school teacher, this was an amazing place to get hands-on experience in a classroom and also have a fun and meaningful time. I especially loved ACLAMO because of the people I met there. The students are so much fun and have so much energy, and the administrators are so helpful and clearly love the work that they do at ACLAMO. It was awesome to go to ACLAMO both semesters and see how the students I was with progressed in their reading, math, and spelling and it was amazing to see them all grow up throughout the year. Getting to be a part of ACLAMO every Thursday was the highlight of my year and I know I will always value what I learned there!"  Morgan Hazel ‘18



Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Office of Service Learning
St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Noreen Cameron, Director
SAC Room 386

Mary Aiello, Administrative Assistant
SAC Room 385

We have a constantly evolving list of with faculty and community partners that change each semester.