Villanova Engineering, Science, and Technology Enrichment Development (VESTED)


SPRING SEMESTER ONLY  Saturdays from 8:30 AM -2:30 PM       ,

January 28  February 4, 11, 18 and 25, March 18, 25 and April 8.  (YOU MUST ATTEND ALL SATURDAYS IF YOU ARE USING VESTED AS COURSE REQUIREMENT)

One hour Preparation meetings the week prior to VESTED Saturdays and VESTED Saturdays:  Time and Place TBA


       Facts on VESTED

  • Open to Philadelphia students
  • Run through the College of Engineering
  • Students are brought to Villanova on Saturdays during the spring semester


What will you do?

  • VESTED provides Philadelphia students with the opportunity to visit Villanova to learn about engineering, science, and technology.  As a volunteer you will assist with experiments, projects, and assignments helping the students to learn through these fun and interactive activities.   
  • Social interaction and relationship building;  eating breakfast and lunch, participating in icebreakers and designing mentor hour.  (see below for a description of mentor hour)
  •  In small groups you will design “mentor hour.”  You will be given a list of topics that  address the needs of  VESTED students .  Based on a topic of your choice you will design an interactive workshop for the VESTED students.  These workshops are your CAP project so you will answer questions, why is this need present in this population, what is the best way to address the topic, what are your expected outcomes and how are you going to measure that outcome.  ALL CAP projects are presented at the Celebration Dinner in April.


VESTED would be a great choice for you if…

  • you enjoy engineering, math, science, or technology.   
  • you feel comfortable working with high school students.
  • you are a good motivator.
  • you like to have fun!


What our sophomores say…


VESTED (Villanova Engineering, Science, and Technology Enrichment Development) is a program that brings Philadelphia high school students to Villanova on the weekend during the spring semester and during the summer afterwards.  The program exposes students to science and engineering through projects, experiments, and interaction with professionals who work in those fields.  During the spring semester, the students come every other weekend during Saturday morning/afternoon.


I think the best part of VESTED is the students, they're energetic and curious, and they ask a lot of questions; it's a chance to interact and have fun with students from high schools all over the Philadelphia school district.  Volunteers get to help run the program by running projects and experiments, assisting the older students with their research assignments, and leading some slightly less serious games and activities.  As a University with excellent engineering and science programs, it's a way to apply our skills and knowledge while serving a real need for science and technology education in Philadelphia high schools without the resources that Villanova can provide.  If science and engineering interest you, it's an excellent program well-worth getting involved in.

– Kent Grosh