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St. Francis deSales

St. Francis deSales School   (new site)

917 S. 47th Street   Philadelphia, PA 19143

 (215) 387-1749  


         About St. Francis deSales:  St. Francis is a K-8 private parochial School near 48th Street and 917 S 47th St, Philadelphia, PA 19143   St. Francis de Sales School is a Catholic elementary school delivering an exemplary education to students of all faiths and backgrounds. We have an outstanding reputation for serving minority and immigrant communities. Today, our school proudly enrolls an incredibly diverse student body of over 500 children from 43 different countries in and around the Philadelphia area.  (Website) Tuition is about 4,000 per year.  Grants are available and 50% of students receive financial Assistance.


·        Demographics:

25% of students are Catholic--75% non-Catholic--Children represent 43 countries and 23 zip codes (many children commute by trolley)--Some children do not have command of English


·        Service

Tuesday and Wednesday:  Villanova students will work with English Language Learners. (ELL)  Students are at all levels of speaking, reading and Understanding.  Mentors do not need a second language. Use of deSales student primary language is discouraged in ELL course.


Friday.  Computer Lab.  Experience or some knowledge of programming or coding is preferred.  We are working on getting students from the Computer Science club to help us but that is not in place.



Parking and Neighborhood and transportation

Neighborhood is in the process of gentrification.  Immediate area is safe.

Parking is available in Church Lot off 48th street