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SLC Service Sites

General Instruction:  SLC students are expected to sign up once a week.  If you wish to serve more than once, (which is great for our partners) you may do so after all other students in SLC have been placed at a service site.  All Times include transportation to and from Villanova.  If fewer than 3 students sign up for a site at any given time that service day and time will be cancelled and students will have to find another service site.

Ruibal  Sophomores who participated in Ruibal as freshman may continue as leaders in the program.  Sites and hours will be determined by Campus Ministry.  8-10 students

Poverty and Homelessness (clearances are not necessary for these sites)


  • Laurel House: Shelter Times TBA  training required  Norristown   


ACLAMO  ESL and computer literacy

EDUCATION Will need all clearances, criminal, child abuse and FBI clearance)


  • Level:  SLC students will be matched with Villanova students on campus who have differing abilities. Leveling the playing field, socially, academically, spiritually and physically.
  • Special Olympics Athlete Practices: 



  • Students in Sociology of Deviance, justice and Society and Punishment and Society or Race Crim and Justice are eligible to volunteer at either Phoenix Prison or Chester Prison.


  • Vested  (Spring only)  Saturdays in Spring Science, Engineering and Technology Camp On Campus Program for Science, technology and Engineering

Site Registration

To view the registration page, please log into your browser in the upper right hand corner.  To register for a service site, please click HERE   The times listed include travel time. If you need to change service sites from a previous registration, re-register now, it will overwrite your old registration and your new registration will be your active one. You will receive an email with the new registration information.

If a site is full it will not show up on the drop down list. 

If you want to register for a second service site, please contact

What Our Sophomores Have Said

Mike Decina @ Cooke Elementary:
"Once I got to Cooke and met my class, I felt overwhelmed. The classroom atmosphere was completely different then any educational environment I have ever been in."

Julia Kallmes @ Cooke Elementary:
“At Cooke Elementary and Middle school, we work as teachers’ assistants in grades K-8. Our responsibilities include accompanying the students to class, recess, and lunch, often helping with class work and monitoring activities." on.

Adam Goodman @ Cooke Elementary:
"As part of the Cooke Elementary Peer Mediation program, our main duty is to educate selected students how to mediate problems that fellow students might be having." .

Courtney Elms @ ESF Dream Camp:
“Dream Camp for me has been the constant high light of my weeks this year. The consistency I provide for the kids has meant more to me then I could have imagined and each week I can't tell who has missed who more."  

Gilsela Camba @ Urban Bridges:
"Service can be transformative. It can challenge and educate you as much as the people you are trying to help. In many ways that transformative experience for both the volunteer and the learner is the essential goal of SLC." .

Anne Marie Kearing @ Urban Bridges:
“Service at Urban Bridges is very unique. Although the recipients of your service may not be adorable children, tutoring at Urban Bridges is equally as if not more fulfilling than working within the Philadelphia school system."   

Sara Jane Leier @ The School of the Future:
"The School of the Future is a high school located in West Philadelphia that was developed through a partnership between the School District of Philadelphia and Microsoft. The goal of this project is to create a “technology-based education model” that can be replicated in other communities around the world."  

Kent Grosh @ BEST Robotics:
"BEST Robotics is a middle and high school robotics program Philadelphia students participate in during the fall semester. Each year the students receive a kit with materials to build a robot that will compete against other robots in a game-style competition held in November."  

Kent Grosh @ VESTED:
"VESTED (Villanova Engineering, Science, and Technology Enrichment Development) is a program that brings Philadelphia high school students to Villanova on the weekend during the spring semester and during the summer afterwards."