Norristown Literacy Council

Norristown Literacy Council

113 E Airy St. Norristown PS  610-292-8515

Monday or Wednesday 5:30-9:45 one day a week.



Start date:

  • Wednesday, September 6, 6--8   Registration Welcome, gathering information placement testing--    helping clients fill out forms
  • Monday, September 11,  6:00-9  Combination of registration and classroom aide
  •  Wednesday September 13 6:15-9   Regular classroom aide work


What would those students be doing when they got to the site?

First two weeks tutors would be helping with registration and taking information from clients

Regular role will be Classroom Aide.   Students work will be directed by teacher.


How will tutors be assigned?

Students will be free to move from beginner, intermediate and advanced classrooms for the first few weeks.  Tutors will find their comfort zone in any classroom. 


Demographics English Language Learners

  •   Adults average age late 20’s
  •   Some illiterate in their own language
  •   New Americans who have advance degrees who need to learn English
  •   Job seeking
  •   Large contingent who have school age children

     What languages  (other than Spanish dominates)

  •    Spanish  largest single group but other languages outnumber Spanish
  •    Chinese
  •    Korean
  •    Farsi/Arabic
  •    African French


Training and Skill Development

Tutor training workshop:  12 hour workshop dates have not been determined.

Director will send and article or essay for students