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Sister's Return Home

New Canaan Center “Sisters Returning Home” A Center where women ex-offenders can get help with GED, Resume, counseling and like skills.

Mission SRH mission is to assist women who were former offenders to successfully re-establish their connection to the community and their families, while helping them to build and develop their self-esteem, sufficiency, reliance and respect.

The goal of this program is to provide women with workplace competence and personal development skills that will allow them to obtain permanent employment.  Activities include Literacy training, computer and GED training for women who are reentering society after imprisonment. 

  • Where:  204 Schoolhouse Lane, Germantown, PA 19144
  • Public School Schedule


The women live in an intermediate facility near New Canaan.  Women come to the Family life Center three a week for a group which focuses on some skill that women reentering society need.

1.       Personal resource development

2.      GED

3.      Literacy

4.      Computer skills

5.      Resume writing

6.      Interview skills

What our students say:

My visits to Sisters Returning Home have been extremely humbling and rewarding experience. The main focus of the program is to help these women earn their GED and to find a job. The program provides assistants to these women so they have resources to be successful. It also provides counseling services for the women; clothing, food, toiletries, and a bathroom to help these women feel and look their best and be proud of whom they are becoming. Sisters Returning Home wants to set these women up for success by giving them the chance at a new beginning. Working with these women, one on one, it is evident to me that they truly deserve this opportunity. These women are genuinely good people who made mistakes and paid a heavy price for their actions. Listening to their stories helps me to identify with them and their struggles. From their time spent in prison, they realize crime was not the best solution to make money; they know now the significance of a stable job and a high school diploma. It is very fortunate for these women that Sisters Returning Home is helping them get back on their feet, because many people who get out of prison do not have the same resources or advantages given to these women through this program. We need more places like Sisters Returning Home to help people get a fresh start and back on their feet. I am thrilled to be a part of Sisters Returning Home, because I learn something new every time I am there.  I have developed an entirely new perspective. I am excited to continue my work and efforts to help these women and I hope that I can make an impact in return.  I feel that I am gaining much more that I am giving.    Kathryn Calemmo