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Mighty Writers


3861 Lancaster Ave.  Philadelphia, PA 19104 Call us: 267.244.4005
Program Director:

5 students Monday through Thursday 3:00-6:30pm


Our mission is to teach Philadelphia kids 6-12th grade students to think and write with clarity so they can achieve success at school, at work and in life.   Our volunteers are integral to our success. Over 300 of the city’s best creative minds (writers. teachers, journalists, artists, etc.) teach and mentor some 2,000 kids at Mighty Writers annually. Everything we do at Mighty Writers is designed to combat Philadelphia’s literacy crisis. Some forty percent of our city’s students drop out of high school and half of all working-age adults have basic literacy issues. These are the statistics we’re out to change.


Mighty Writers is located in a small house on Lancaster Ave and 38th Street about 11 miles from Villanova.  As you drive down Lancaster you will notice the change in neighborhood.  It’s good to look to wonder what happens.  There are two rooms with tables where the afterschool program takes place. Nothing fancy!


Requirements for volunteers

Have a reliable understanding of the writing process, including planning, drafting, revision and publication.
-Help students with homework and writing projects.
-Participate in writing instruction and writing activities side-by-side with students.
-Exhibit patience, emotional maturity and an ability to multitask in a dynamic and fun environment.


What do our students Say

Mighty Writers is a unique service site where relationships are paramount. The service site aims to respect yourself, each other, and the space you are in through the framework of creative writing. The mentors and directors value vulnerability, honesty, and communication. The students are quick to love and quick to laugh. However, the directors and students need consistency. Logistically and emotionally, it is important that as an SLC member, you are eager to help the Mighty Writers staff and students both in their academic and personal lives. In a place of respect, we must remember to respect their emotional integrity. At service we often play quick games to foster community, brainstorm writing ideas, practice techniques to become better writers, and work on creative individual pieces. The growth of the students from September to May is inspiring; your own personal growth will be surprising and powerful. Mighty Writers is an excellent program filled with curious, talented people who are excited to share the space with those who are excited to be there. Ethan Swain ’18 SLC 15-17


     Mighty Writers West is one of four small organizations across Philadelphia that serves community children to inspire them to develop a command of writing and a love of learning. Mighty Writers West is consistently the most under-funded, and the children are in desperate need of all the support they can get. That is where Villanova student volunteers come into play. As a volunteer, you are expected to support and instruct the students in their journeys toward writing proficiency and excellence. But there is a far more important job that needs doing, one that is not mentioned within the service site's description. As a Mighty Writers volunteer, you are called to do more than mentor and instruct; you are called to love. While your activities in the Mighty Writers workshop may change from day to day, week to week, a volunteer must always be ready to be a friend to the kids, to listen to them and offer emotional support. You have to believe in their ability to succeed, and they have to feel that belief permeate everything you do for and with them. And when they see that you support them, not looking down on them but looking upward with them, they can accomplish great things. And that's when being a fellow Mighty Writer means the most.   John C. Flynn ’18 SLC 15-16