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Limited to 10 SLC students so that we can meet the needs of our other partners

Students will create their own time to meet with their LEVEL partner on campus. 


LEVEL was created by a student on campus to partner students with differing abilities.  SLC students who choose LEVEL will be partnered with a student who is challenged with physical, emotional or learning differences.  SLC students will assist students with homework, transcribe notes from class or do whatever is needed to help another student achieve their academic potential.  The most important part of this service is to Level the playing field for students of differing abilities.  Through communication and relationship you will find ways to include others who we might otherwise not be included in the social, spiritual and psychological fabric of our community.


Orientation: Will be given by the Villanova by the Office of Disabilities

The mission of the Office of Disability Services (ODS) is to ensure that qualified students with disabilities will have equal access to the educational opportunities at Villanova University by eliminating physical and educational barriers. Each student will then be able to participate, freely and actively in all facets of University life. In addition the office was established to ensure that all students with disabilities receive support services and accommodations to allow them equal access to all Villanova University programs. (ODS website)

:  3 hours of contact with your student partner


What students say about LEVEL?

Level is an opportunity for me to lean into discomfort. It is a change for me to grow by interacting with someone I otherwise would not have met.  It is a chance for people to meet people, learning how similar we all are in the process.   One primary goal of SLC is to teach is members about the equality of each and every human being on this earth, it is meant to teach us how valuable every human life is, because truly we are on body of humanity.  SLC should teach us that each human being as a responsibility to care for, stand up for, and give back to humanity by showing love to our fellow human beings.  It should reshape our objectives in life so that we can re-focus upon a greater good, far beyond our own personal desires.  There is a serious lack of understanding on campus, and in the world about individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities that had led to unjust differences in the way that people are treated, as well as the opportunities available to them, based on whether or not they are born “able bodied.”  Level pushes all student members to grow internally by learning about others, as well as our shared abilities. We are recognizing our discomfort, and are consequently pushing ourselves to eliminate it by destroying assumptions, stereotypes, generalization and misconceptions about intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and the people who have them.  Anonymous