Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club of Wissahickon—Art Club  (NEW SITE)

Contact Phone: (215) 438-7394

Monday - Thursday 3-6:30

Child abuse and Criminal Clearances are necessary

Maximum 7 per day

Homework help followed by Art Class for Children in afterschool program grades K-4


At Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on creating once in a lifetime opportunities for our youth that they would not be able to find anywhere else. We offer a variety of insightful programs aimed at enhancing the lives of our members, from participating in competitive athletic leagues, to building character and leadership skills. Boys & Girls Clubs are a safe place to learn and grow – all while having fun. It is the place where great futures are started each and every day.

Every child that walks through our door is entitled to achieve their dreams. Our job is to help them overcome obstacles, access opportunities, and find their potential. The obstacles, sadly, are great: extreme poverty, food insecurity, gang violence, and substance abuse are pervasive in our kids’ neighborhoods and home environments. Our youth are disconnected from the world without access to information technology. The opportunities are out of reach: poor high school graduation rates and chronic unemployment are a result of woefully underfunded schools and blighted business districts in our communities. - See more at: Boys and Girls Club website   



Many of the local public schools no longer have art classes available for children. We hope to give children an opportunity to express themselves through art.  The Boys and Girls Club has supplies but no one to organize an after school art program. 


There will be about 20 children in a small room designed for art.  You will design themes for the class so that you can learn about one another and see the world through one another’s eyes.  You will learn from their art and they will learn from you. You don’t need to have art skills to work with a K-4th grade child.  You just need to be patient with conversation before they start to draw and to let them express themselves and then talk about their art.  You may also expose the children to the world of art that addresses the themes you decide to highlight though the art program.


CAP project will be to consult with the Department of Education and literature to research effective afterschool program practices to close achievement gaps between children who live in poverty and those in higher income communities.  A particular question may concern how “art” programs can improve academic achievement. Ultimately the question n is, what can the Boys and Girls Club of Wissahickon do to help their children achieve in school. See Youth crisis in neighborhood.

There will be a possibility to organize town hall meetings with teens and members of the community on current events or to assess the needs of the community.