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Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club of Wissahickon after School Program

Contact Phone: (215) 438-7394


FTriple clearance (background checks) are required. You must turn in copies to director.

Mission:  To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

“First and foremost, I want to thank you for setting this program up with us. The students who have been attending from SLC at the Boys & Girls Club have been nothing short of amazing. They have been a great help around the club especially with the children who need extra homework help and many of your students have taken on mentorship roles which is more than I could have asked for.” The Director of Boys and Girls Club


What will you be doing at Boys and Girls Club

The Director OF BCG is looking for students who serve with BCG who are interested in building relationships with the kids, mentoring them in a positive way, helping them with their homework and having fun.


  • All students serve in mentor roles for the children and are expected to help children with homework help for the first half hour at the BGC.

·         “All Hands on Science”  days and times TBA



What do our students say about Serving at the Boys and Girls Club? (Under Construction)



My time at the Boys & Girls Club has been invaluable. The Boys & Girls Club is an after-school program where children and teens go to develop their intellectual skills as well as socialize with one another. Every time I enter the building, I am flooded with big smiles and hugs. Over time I have gotten to develop some incredible relationships and make some lasting memories with the kids. The majority of the time is spent helping kids, grades 5 and below, with their homework and reviewing subjects they struggle with in school. It isn’t always a glamorous experience and you need patience, but it is a very rewarding experience! It’s amazing to see a young kid’s transition from frustration to joy after you’ve successfully helped them conquer long division or fractions.  When the other volunteers and I aren’t doing homework help, we are playing board games or tossing a ball around. This time is a great opportunity for the kids and the volunteers to forget their worries and just have fun. It’s easy to think when you volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club that you’re just a tutor, but you are so much more - a companion. I couldn’t imagine the rest of my time at Villanova without the amazing people at the Boys and Girls Club.  Cristina Bonner ‘18