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Back on My Feet

Back On My Feet


Limited to 8 students from SLC



Every Friday morning, the Villanova chapter of Back on My Feet takes to the streets of Philadelphia and runs together with those experiencing homelessness. By engaging in running together as a means to build relationships, self-confidence, routine and self-esteem, Villanova students take part in getting the homeless back on their feet.


From Back on My Feet Website

Back on My Feet’s approach focuses on the very profound and innate desire for all of us to feel recognized appreciated and supported. BoMF is an encouraging community where challenges are overcome, goals are exceeded and finish lines are crossed. Members have an opportunity to redefine themselves not as homeless, but as hardworking and dedicated runners, friends and teammates. Our program helps Members change the way they see themselves by improving confidence and self-esteem, and helping them feel hopeful about their futures.


What are students say.  (Under Construction)

Back On My Feet is an extraordinarily reciprocal experience. Students wake up early Friday mornings and drive into Philadelphia, a feat made easy because of the close relationships students have with each other and the friends made at BOMF. At the service site, students build these relationships with people experiencing homelessness by walking and running through the streets of Philadelphia. Exercise is an important part of the BOMF mission because its benefits help build confidence, self-esteem and strength. Students work with residents to reach their goals, and along the way make connections through conversation. This helps students see beyond the stereotypes associated with people experiencing homelessness, and better understand their individuality. It is not necessary for students to be good runners to join BOMF, rather, good conversationalists and people willing to step outside of their comfort zone are needed.  Sally Martinelli ’17 BOMF ’15,’16 and ‘17