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All volunteers will need triple clearance


Throughout the school year, ACLAMO Family Centers in Norristown also holds an After-School Program. Its mission is to support school readiness and school achievement among at-risk children in Norristown Area School District's Spanish-speaking community, and to foster commitment to education through family involvement. ACCLAMO’s main objectives are to help students strengthen basic skills and school achievement, overcome language barriers, and motivate them to reach their full potential. The program helps ELL students realize they can set and achieve their own educational and personal goals.


We think it is best for the children if Villanova students sign up for two days a week.  Teachers and college student volunteers offer homework assistance and tutoring to 50 students from kindergarten to 7th grade, Monday to Thursday from 3 to 6 pm. Each afternoon, students arrive and have 20 minutes to wash their hands and eat snacks. Through the Philadelphia Archdiocese After-School Food Program, we provide healthy snacks such as cereal, nutritious sandwiches, milk, fruit and granola bars. Students are then divided in small groups. Each group is assigned to a tutor to focus on homework. When students complete assignments, they rotate through ACLAMO’s computer learning lab and enrichment activities related to what they’re doing at school, and/or geared to boost essential skills in a variety of dimensions.  Villanova students can come up with ideas for after tutoring groups.  We also maintain a system of rewards and prizes.  Most of the children are of Mexican descent and English is their second language.  ACCLAMO is located in Norristown Pa.  About 8 miles fromVillanova 



Over Thirty-seven years ago, a group of friends and neighbors joined together with their Norristown community and created an organization to assist the growing Latino population. Over the decades the nationalities have changed. But the needs of families remain the same for all; to provide security, love, an education, and a future for their children. ACLAMO stands for Accíon Comunal Latino Americano de Montgomery County, or the Latin American Action Committee of Montgomery County. ACLAMO also is derived from the Spanish verb "aclamar," which means "to proclaim, to shout forth." We want our community to know that they, too, can achieve the American Dream of success.
ACLAMO Family Centers, a charitable, non-profit organization, provides educational, health, economic, social and cultural opportunities to low-income individuals and families in Montgomery County, especially those of Spanish-speaking heritage.