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Teaching for Service Learning Community

The following outline is the process for Teaching for Service Learning Community:

Sophomores who live in an intentional community in Alumni hall are required to take one course each semester that will enable them to reflect on their service in a meaningful and intelligent manner

Fall Semester: Courses are restricted to sophomores in the community. Students are either signed into the course prior to registration or course is listed as restricted to Service Learning Community.

Spring Semester: Faculty agrees to have their course listed as an option of the members of the community and supports the student in their efforts to integrate their service into discussion and assignments.

If you are choosing to teach a course which will be filled with sophomores from the service learning community know that the community offers a one credit course with required reading and reflection to help the students understand the complexity of the lives of the children and people with whom they are engaged. The students must serve with other community members at SLC service site.

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