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Developing Service Learning Courses

The following outline is the process for Service Learning Course/Community Based Learning Course Development:

  • Faculty seeks service to integrate community based experience into the syllabus allowing time for reflection and creating assignments which include the community experience. (see essentials for community based learning)
  • The office of service learning will seek out a community partner whose needs relate to the course material. This office will manage transportation, paperwork and schedules for work in the community.
  • Community Partners may express a need in their school or agency and the office will seek faculty whose course material is related to re design a course for service learning.
  • Courses are designated SL or CBL which ever we eventually choose in the course catalogue. Students should be able to view requirements of course before they register.
  • Course material is adapted to include service without compromise to academic rigor.

Note: We have tended toward 100% service placement, however we may consider optional service placement within the class in lieu of class assignment.

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