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What the OSL is Responsible For?

The Office of Service Learning is responsible for the following:

  • Developing and maintaining relationship with community partners. Needs assessment, matching faculty with those needs, creating opportunities for reflection, celebration and evaluation.
  • Transportation developing resources for transportation. Maintaining vans, distribution of keys, driver training and scheduling of all transportation.
  • Liability forms sexual and criminal abuse clearances necessary to work in public schools.
  • Contracts for Villanova students and community partners.
  • Developing effective guidelines for reflection and training students to facilitate reflection if it is not accomplished during class time.
  • Evaluation. We would like a consistent pre-test and evaluation of the effect of service learning courses. There will be general questions and questions related to each of the courses based on the particular goals and expectations as they are related to service learning.
  • Faculty Development through workshops and eventually peer education.

Provide Opportunities for celebration with Community Partners.

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