Welcome to SLC

Welcome Page for SLC 16-17

Welcome Day - Learn about service, fourth hour and one another

Learn about service, fourth hour and one another

Date:      March 18, 2016
Time:      2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Where:   West Lounge in Dougherty Hall


Date:         Tuesday August 23
Time:         10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Where:      TBA

SLC students can move in on Monday Augut 22, 2016.   Check in at 9:00 am - 12:00 pm at your residence hall.



Information about housing will be presented at Welcome Day March 18th.

1.     Alumni Hall
2.     Arrange my own housing through Residence Life.

You must serve with one of the SLC community partners.  

Descriptions of the service sites are on the Community Partnership page (links are on the right hand side of the page)

Sign up for service here:  Site Registration

Please make sure to leave time in your schedule for a service site

SLC course sign up,  Date TBA

Step 1    You must organize your schedule with your advisor: Leave a block of time for SLC service in your schedule.

Step 2    SIGN UP FOR THE SLC COURSE.  A link will be provided for you to sign up for a class.

"Fourth Hour" SLC integrating Seminar

  1. Register for one section of "SL 1000"  4th Hour Integrating Seminar" on Novasis during your regular registration time.

Times for Fourth Hour Integrating Seminar SL1000:  Monday 3 and 4:30, T 2:30, 4pm, 6pm, W 3pm, 4:30pm and 5:30pm  Th. 10am, 1pm and 2:30pm and Friday 12:30, 1:30

  • What do I do if the only section that fits in my schedule is full?

    please contact Mary Aiello in the Office of Service Learning.  610-519-4602 or email:  Mary.Aiello@villanova.edu

The Calendar will include:

  1. Special events - Orientation, Partnership Dinner, SLC Christmas, Community meetings, the Celebration Dinner, and Partnership Day
  2. Service start and end dates, partner's half days and closed dates and holidays.
  3. Cap Project dates (Community Action Project)

CALENDAR  You will be asked to provide your user name and password. It is the same as your login for MyNova.

Sites working with minors require three clearances, listed below.  Please keep your original clearances and hand in copies to the site where you are serving.

FBI Clearances($27.00) are needed:

  1. for the clearance go here:  http://www.pa.cogentid.com/index.htm

Criminal Background Check

  1. Epatch - Free for volunteers, must put the address of the site were you are serving

Child Abuse Background Check

  1. COMPASS - Free for volunteers, must put the address of the site were you are serving.

Risk and Release Forms:

All students leaving campus for service are required to fill out a Risk and Release form.  This will be given to you at Welcome Day.

Each service group will need a primary driver and a backup driver.  Vans range in size from 7 passenger to 12 passenger vans.

In order to be approved to driver you must complete the following:

 Read this PolicyMotor Vehicle Record Policy for Drivers of University Vehicles

  1. Completely fill out the Motor Vehicle Record Consent Form on page 6 of the - Motor Vehicle Record Policy for Drivers of University Vehicles
  2. You must complete online driver safety training.  To access and complete the required training, follow the instructions on page 7 of - Motor Vehicle Record Policy for Drivers of University Vehicles
  3. Print the Certificate of Achievement at the end of the of the on-line course.
  4. Bring the Form and Certificate of Achievement to SAC 386
  5. Sign-up for Fleet Van usage by clicking here and create your user profile.
  6. Only after ALL of the above is complete, can you drive a Fleet Van.

What is Service Learning Community?

Community: SLC is a group of 170 sophomores and 35 student leaders who have chosen to be a part of a community in which students share values and a common desire to be in a relationship those who live in poverty in order to and examine the causes and structures in society which keep people poor as well our own attitudes, stereotypes and assumptions. 

Service:  You will have the opportunity to serve in schools, at soup kitchens, shelters for those experiencing homelessness, adult literacy programs,  on the streets of Philadelphia and in after school programs or do an independent study working with an agency that advocates for people in crisis due to poverty by seeking emergency relief, housing or employment.

Learning: You are required to take one course fall and spring semester that are designated for the Sophomore Service Learning Community. You are also required to register for a 1 credit 4th hour.  The integration of service, learning and reflection is the key to SLC.  The insight you gain in the classroom will affect the way you absorb, interpret and care about what you learn in the classroom.  You will bring care, questions, wisdom,  insight and those with whom you serve into 4th hour.

Please view the PowerPoint presentation explaining CAP Projects.