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SSLC Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sophomore Service-Learning Community?

  •  You will Live, Love and Learn together on the ground floor of Sheehan Hall
  • Sometimes it is not enough to just do something.  It is essential to think and learn about why we serve, why people do not have what they need to reach their potential and use knowledge and imagination to figure out how changes happens.  
  • It will be your responsibility as a scholar to integrate your service experience with the knowledge  you gain in your SSLC course and fourth hour so that you are a more informed citizen.

Through the integration of your service experience, knowledge gained in SLC courses and reflection in 4th hour you will have the opportunity to look more deeply at the issues that affect the people you serve whether they are marginalized by socio-economic class, ability, race, ethnicity, religion or social status as an ex-offender, victim of Human Trafficking or domestic abuse.

FAQ 21-22

What do I have to do be a part of the SSL Community?

Complete the required application.

When you receive your acceptance you will be asked to sign up for a “Meet the Members” meeting where you will learn more about SSLC and meet the student leaders.

How will I learn, reflect, and serve in Community?

  • One three credit course:  You will choose a course from a list of courses approved to fill the SSLC requirement.  Most course fulfill a core requirement.  A section of Ethics 2050 usually taken in sophomore year is designed for SSLC students.
  • One 1 credit Integrating Seminar: This is a brave and a safe space in which students reflect on their service experience and examine the social policies and practices that affect the marginalized communities where you will serve.
  • 3 hours of service each week:  Students choose from a variety of service.  There are soup kitchens, schools, afterschool, literacy programs and working with ex-offenders. You must serve at an SSLC service site or as a Ruibal leader.

Commitment to Community:  Sharing your life with others in class, in 4th hour, at service, Community dinners and social events run by the SSLC student council.  Games, picnics, competitions, off campus trips are planned for the community.

Housing Preferences

February 20th Applications are due for SSLC.  You will  state your preference to live in housing designated for SSLC (Ground Floor of  Sheehan Hall)  or arrange housing through the rising sophomore housing lottery

March 3rd      You have up until this date to change your housing preference that you selected on your SSLC application.  After March 3, Residence Life will be unable to make any adjustments to your housing preferences. Residence Life will no longer be able to guarantee you a space in Sheehan, nor can they add you back into the general lottery process.

Mid-March     While SSLC students will be given priority to filling the ground floor of Sheehan, Residence Life will work to accommodate non-SSLC roommate preferences as space permits.

Do I have to live in Sheehan Hall to be a part of SSLC?   Members of SSLC are highly encouraged, though not required, to live with the community in its dedicated space.  (Honors students who live in Honors housing are welcome in SSLC)

Am I guaranteed a room in Sheehan Hall?  Space will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.  We will inform applicants when all SSLC spaces in Sheehan hall are filled.

Do I have to apply with a roommate?  No.  If you do not request a roommate one will be assigned to you through residence life


Housing Summary: 

When you applied to SSLC you choose whether you want to live in Sheehan Hall or find your own housing through residence life housing lottery. If you choose to live in SSLC housing your name will be removed from the regular housing lottery on March 3.

Roommate selection.  Students will have the opportunity to identify roommate preferences when the housing contract is available in January.  They will then have until mid-March to make any adjustments/changes to their roommate preferences.

Is there a GPA requirement:  No but if you are below a 2.5 the Director may call you or your advisor or call you in to talk about how you will balance the 4 extra hours a week.

Can I study abroad during my time at SLC?   You are not eligible for Sheehan if you are studying abroad in Fall 21.  There are often rooms available  in the spring because of students going abroad in Spring semester. 

Can I be an Orientation Counselor/ Diversity peer educator or RA and still be a member of SLC?  Yes, but you will need to notify the office that you are unable to attend SLC orientation on the Sunday, August 22.

Can I continue to be a part of SLC after sophomore year?

Yes, through leadership (co-chair or facilitator for 4th hour seminar) or continue with your service so that you can mentor new students at the site.


How do you want to live your Sophomore Year?  Do you want to live in a community committed to service and the common good? Sophomore Service-Learning Community is the place for you.


Office of Service Learning

Noreen Cameron, M.S., Director
Mary Aiello, Administrative Assistant

SAC 386