SSLC Frequently Asked Questions

What is Service Learning

The actual work you do may not be different from what others on campus are doing in service. However, the approach to the work should be different from that of a volunteer. It is your responsibility as a scholar to look more deeply at the issues that affect the people with whom you serve and to integrate the experience with the knowledge you gain in your course and fourth hour so that you are a more informed citizen.

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What do I have to do to get into SSLC?

Complete the required application and sign up for a 40 minute group interview.

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What do I have to commit to as a member of SSLC?

You commit to SSCL for your Sophomore Year.   These requirements are a condition for living in Alumni  Hall.

  1. One three credit course:  Courses are offered through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Many of the courses will fulfill a core requirement.  At the current time there are no SLC courses offered in Engineering, VSB or Nursing fall semester.
  2. One 1 credit Integrating Seminar:  Students process their service experience and examine current issues that affect the communities in which we serve.
  3. 3-5 hours of service each week:  Students choose from a variety of service.  From soup kitchens, school, afterschool, literacy programs and working with ex-offenders. You must serve at a site through SSLC.
  4. Commitment to Community:  Sharing your life with others through conversation, activities and one lecture each semester and social events.

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Do I have to live in Alumni to be a member of the SSLC community?

No.  119 members of SSLC live in Alumni Hall, 40-50 students live in other residence halls.

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If I apply to live in Alumni Hall, am I guaranteed a room?


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Do I have to apply with a roommate?

We did leave a space to indicate your roommate choice but every student gets in as an individual. 

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How will I choose my housing and roommate if I get a room in Alumni Hall?

If you accept your position in Alumni Hall you will receive an email from residence life which will ask you to choose a room and identify a roommate.

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Does previous service affect the chances of my acceptance?

No.  A lack of previous experience does not affect your chance of acceptance.   We look for a genuine willingness to be open to the transformation that knowledge and reflection can bring to service and to your reflection on our world and community.  We asses that openness through application and interview.

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Is there a GPA requirement:

No but if you are below a 2.5 we may call you or your advisor or call you in to talk about how the requirements will affect your ability to achieve academically

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Can I study abroad during my time at SLC?

You are not eligible for Alumni Hall if you are studying abroad in Fall 17. 

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Can I be an Orientation Counselor/ Diversity peer educator or RA and still be a member of SLC?

Yes, but you will need to notify the office that you are unable to attend SLC orientation.

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Can I continue to be a part of SLC after sophomore year?

Yes, through leadership (co-chair or facilitator for 4th hour seminar) or continue with your service so that you can mentor new students at the site

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Alumni Hall

What is Service Learning Community

Service: You will mentor a child or teen, tutor in classroom and after school programs, teach adult literacy, teach in local high schools, and teach Peer Mediation to elementary school children or high school students for 3-4 hours per week.

There are soup kitchen and homeless shelter service sites available.

Learning: You are required to take one course fall and spring semester that are designated for the Sophomore Service Learning Community. You are also required to register for a 1 credit integrating seminar.

Community: You will live with students who share values and desire to serve the poor and examine the causes and structures in society which keep people poor. You will enjoy Community nights, evenings of reflection celebration dinners, orientation in August and January and day of service in September and opportunities to choose some weekends of service.