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Freshmen Interested in Applying to SSLC

Mission Statement

We are students, faculty, and service partners pursuing community through thoughtful pursuit of knowledge, service and dialogue.  Inspired to be active participants in the world, the Sophomore Service Learning Community integrates weekly service, academic inquiry, and community-centric living to achieve or collective growth.

The Sophomore Service Learning Community is an intentional community of students who seek to understand the context that underlie the needs of our brothers and sisters through course work and reflection. 

WE believe that being of service to others requires consistent presence, intellectual engagement, and a profound love for the world.

WE commit to serving one another as we strive to serve our service partners.

WE believe that everyone’s narrative has inherent value.

WE believe that proximity to others is necessary and participating in honest dialogue critical to our times.

WE believe that transformation is always possible 


Welcome Day:  Tuesday March 31, 2020 from 6:00 pm, West Lounge Dougherty Hall

Orientation:      Move-in on Saturday, August 22th, 2020

Orientation on Sunday, August 23th, 2020 from 10:00 – 6:00 pm

(You may be excused from SSLC orientation if you are an OC, AA or Diversity Skits)

Please fill out the application and schedule an interview.

  • Application Deadline:  EXTENDED to Monday March 9th
  • Interview Scheduler   please fill out application before scheduling an interview.

Group Interviews are 30 minutes long

Please Note: room and roommate selection is done through residence life after acceptance into SSLC

EXTENDED Group Interviews Dates and times: 

  • Monday, March 9th 4:00 - 8:00
  • Tuesday, March 10th 7:00 - 9:00

Dates to Remember:

  • Welcome Day: Tuesday, March 31 6:00 pm, West Lounge  

As a member of the Sophomore Service Learning Community (SSLC) you are required to fullfill the following committments each semester.

Course, 3 credit

4th hour, 1 credit seminar


Community Events

You can choose to live in Alumni Hall 2020-2021 or choose to arrange your own housing.

You will be able to select Sophomore Service Learning Community on your Housing preference form which will be available in January 2020


Roommate Selection

If you choose to apply to live in Alumni Hall  You must choose a roommate who is also a member of SSLC.

Room selection and roommate choices are arranged through residence life later on in the spring semester. The roommates you indicate on  your housing form in January can be revised.



Alumni Hall

What is Service Learning Community

Service: You will mentor a child or teen, tutor in classroom and after school programs, teach adult literacy, teach in local high schools, and teach Peer Mediation to elementary school children or high school students for 3-4 hours per week.

There are soup kitchen and homeless shelter service sites available.

Learning: You are required to take one course fall and spring semester that are designated for the Sophomore Service Learning Community. You are also required to register for a 1 credit integrating seminar.

Community: You will live with students who share values and desire to serve the poor and examine the causes and structures in society which keep people poor. You will enjoy Community nights, evenings of reflection celebration dinners, orientation in August and January and day of service in September and opportunities to choose some weekends of service.