New Inductees

The 39th Induction Ceremony and Banquet took place in the Villanova Room in the Connelly Center on Sunday, April 13th, 2014.

College of Arts and Sciences

Margaret Anne Anderson
Kathryn Barry
Rachel Lauren Bleier
Michael T. Byrne
Alyssa E. Carofano
Jerry C. Christodoulatos
Brandon Kaiyi Chu
Brigid Rosamond Connolly
Gregory Stephen Dahl
Victoria Anne Eckman
Michael A. Fuery
Emily L. Funk
Christopher Robert Gelardi
Emily Anne Greene
Re' Anne Kleinbard
Joshua David Koss
Margaret Lamb
Grace Marie Lassiter
Emily Ann Letcher
Angelica Marie Lieto
Mary Grace Mangano
Nicolas Robert Merckling
Maribeth Ostrowski
Cristina L. Paluch
Thomas Paniak
Emily Phillips
Deena Rose Prescavage
Elaine Roghanian
Annemarie Schiavone
Matthew K. Steen
Corrinne Strouse
Samantha J. Thoma
Julia L. Willis
Paul Xhori
Sandeena Ahmed
Laura Marie Blackburn
Donna J. Bramble
Michael Edward Breh
Lydia Rachel Browning
Eileen Brumitt
Maureen DiVietro
John Jeremy Dodig
Raymond Daniel Duffy
Juliana E. French
Joseph C. Funk
Evan W. Good
Adam Hembree
James Grover Hettel
Beau Marshall Larson
Robert William Murray
Heather-Anne Phelan
Maureen Miller Putnam
Wendall Gail Rakosky
Alfred E. Santoro, IV
Maria Rosaria Savini
Mayank Singh
Lynnette N. Suzadail
Joanna Lee Voortman
Deborah Elaine Ward

Villanova School of Business

Undergraduate Graduate
Catherine English Ardito
Kaylin M. Brown
Rose A. Devine
Christina M. Dziedzic
Kaitlin Farinella
Gina Grace Ferrero
Justine Lee Guenther
Haley LeDonne
Jack Francis Michel
Matthew M. Roberts
Richard Ullrich

Mya Lofton
Kevin Morse
Kyle J. Mulligan
Nick Vadino
Amy Weaton
Daniel K. Weeden

College of Engineering

Undergraduate Graduate
Jospeh Patrick Brady III
Seth Petersen Bryant
Matthew Richard Cleveland
Taylor Marie DelVecchio
Christine Michelle Fossaceca
Alexis J. Parrillo
Lily Quiroz
Stephen David Sechler
Hope Olivia Tennery
Brandon T. Wesley
Jacob T. Kephart
Virginia L. Jones

College of Nursing

Undergraduate Graduate
Kaitlyn E. Ahrensfield
Rebecca L. Biringer
Thomas J. Carroll
Rachel Leigh Clayton
Katlyn Kraft D'Amico
Kate M. Davies
Brianne Ronelle Foster
Dana M. Hanley
Katrina Amelia Holbert
Elizabeth Mary Long
Maureen Theresa Lynch
Kathryn Elizabeth Magargee
Stepahnie I. O'Mara
Lori Ann Pennito
Anne Sanner Preis
Ann Marie Sanders
Vera Louise Shaw
Adrienne C. Shirk
Jennifer Elizabeth Sigel
Laura Christine Strode
Eleni Constantia Tsilfides
Jennifer Paige Warren
Tierney O’Connor Brennan
Benjamin Civiletti
Jessica W. Connell
Patricia Devallieres
Leah Frey
Mary Kate Funari
Carey Erinn Heck
Maura K. Hiatt
Brandon John Hodnett
Stacey Grant Hohenleitner
Jacqueline E. Kivitz
Kyung Soo Kim
Susan Lynch
Carlene M McLaughlin
Veronia Namerow
Marc Christopher Okolowicz
John W. Sheetz
Lyn Starrs-Zorn
Susan H. Vacca
Nancy J. Wise

ΦKΦ Symbols


The Phi Kappa Phi Key consists of the badge - a globe against the background of the sun, whose rays form an expansive corona and radiate in a number of symmetrical concentrations from behind the globe.  These rays signify equivalence among the various branches of leaning and represent the dissemination of truth as light.  Encircling the globe is a band containing the Greek letters ФΚФ that symbolizes a fraternal bond that girds the earth and binds the lovers of wisdom in a common purpose.

Phi Kappa Phi ribbon

The Phi Kappa Phi ribbon is a meander pattern, common in ancient Greek art and symbolic of the classical features of the Society.

Phi Kappa Phi seal

The seal of the Society has at its center the badge.  This in turn is surrounded by a crenellated line that represents the battlements and walls of Troy as well as a technological aspect of the ancient Greek culture.  In the space between this line and the periphery of the seal appear three stars just above the badge, one for each of the three original chapters.  Just below the badge is the phrase "Founded in 1897."