Preparing for Law School

The Task Force on Law Schools and the Profession “…concluded that the skills and values of a competent and responsible lawyer are developed along a continuum that starts before law school, reaches its formative and intensive stage during the law school experience, and continues throughout a lawyer’s professional career.”

  • How can a student ensure then that he or she is developing “…the skills and values of a competent and responsible lawyer…” as a member of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Villanova?
  • How can a student best prepare for the challenges of law school and the legal profession?
  • What can a student do to make his or her application more competitive?
  • Are certain majors more appropriate or more competitive?

These frequently asked questions by law school hopefuls all point to important aspects of the law school admission’s process: How important it is to understand law school’s educational philosophy and to understand the competition.

To facilitate your understanding of law school, you need to understand the answers to the questions from Learning Law School Basics: Frequently Asked Questions. The questions identify qualities and experiences law schools value and highlight requisite skills and standards. By understanding these insights into what law schools and the legal profession value, you will gain an advantage in the law school admissions process.

photo of law scales