Questions to Ask

Questions to Address Concerning the Law School

  • Will you receive the education you desire at that law school?
  • Does it have courses in the areas of law you’re interested in?
  • Does it have a clinic that you would apply for?
  • Does it have a journal you’re interested in working and writing for?
  • Does it have dedicated faculty in the specialization you’re interested in?
  • Does the law school have a network of attorneys in the legal area you are interested in that you will want to tap into?
  • Is the law school a good investment for you?
  • Would you want to work in the geographical area where you’re applying to law school?

Analyzing Differences in Expenses and Your Logic for Choosing Different Law Schools

  • Consider the differences in tuition costs and the education you will receive when you are evaluating the costs of tuition.  If you want to practice law in a particular area, and you want to have the advantage of taking courses in which the law for that area will possibly be prioritized or highlighted, then spending the additional amount on your tuition for the appropriate school could be logical for your interests, goals, and preferences. 
  • Consider the location of the law school and the opportunities available to you. If you choose a law school that is far from home, will you make up for the difference in cost of housing by traveling back and forth to visit your family? Direct finances are just part of your decision-making; you must consider the indirect costs—the advantages and disadvantages of attending any school.
  • Lifestyle expenses such as living in a house with three other housemates and living on your own could be the difference between spending $400 per month with housemates to $1200 per month on your own. What is important to you? Who do you want to live with? Several law students? One law student? A graduate student? A friend? Your family so you can live at home for free? What environment will be the most conducive for you to complete your work while in law school? A more or less social living environment?