Step 1: Take Self-Assessment Tests

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) instrument offers students a starting point for self assessment. This personality assessment is used in career development to aid individuals in understanding the relationship between their personality type and their career choices.

The Villanova Counseling Center offers a workshop on the Myers-Briggs test to help students identify their learning styles. Contact the Counseling Center at 610-519-4050 to inquire about the next available workshop.

Also, consider taking the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) Test. The SII is an effective career development tool that identifies your interests and compares them to individuals in careers. To take the SII Test, contact the Career Services Office at 610-519-4060 and speak to a career counselor.

What will these tests reveal? Your interests, your temperament, your attitudes, your inclinations. These tests offer a convenient and accessible way to describe your interests, values, and personality.

Taking the Initial Step

law book

Many students identify with a career in law on their list of top five careers they’re considering. The American Bar Association (ABA) advises students to engage in a serious inquiry about their career goals before choosing to apply to and attend law school. The ABA contends: “Embarking on a legal education requires a great deal of thought as well as a sizable investment of time, money, and energy.”

Talk to Professionals

To dispel common myths and stereotypes about the legal profession, conduct informational interviews. You must choose this profession based on real knowledge and not on commonly-held stereotypes and misperceptions of the profession. Use the information you garnered in Step 2 to narrow your selection of professionals you would like to interview.

Ask lawyers and professionals questions about their experiences in college, law school, and in the legal profession. Visit the Career Services Office for information on legal careers as well as career counseling.