Alumni Information

Information for Alumni Mentors

Are you an alumnus or alumna who wants to contribute your experience, knowledge, and insight to assist Villanova students in learning about the legal profession? Welcome to The Law School Advising Program! Your experience and expertise are greatly appreciated by Villanova University students.

Please contact Dave Leibig to discuss how you would like to contribute to Law School Advising Program. Students are eager to discuss the day-to-day aspects of the legal profession and are interested in developing working and mentoring relationships with you. If you are interested in sponsoring Villanova students as interns at your law firm, organization, company, or agency, please contact The Career Center.

Information for Alumni who are Applying to Law School

If you are a Villanova alumnus or alumna who is considering law school, congratulations on considering undertaking this challenge and welcome to The Law School Advising Program! Regardless of when you graduated from Villanova or where you are located in the United States or abroad, the Law School Advising Program can supply you with information about the application process. Additionally, work on personal statements and recommendation letters can be completed through email.

To begin your investigation of the legal profession, read Acting like a Professional in the website section entitled Completing the Application Process. This section might supply the additional motivation you need as you’re contemplating a major career change. Then click on the first section of the website and start reading about the profession. Pay close attention to the information presented on career satisfaction statistics in Investigating the Legal Profession.

Career changers have to carefully analyze their reasons for pursuing a legal career. When asked “Why do you want to pursue a law degree?” you must develop your answer beyond the often uttered “I always wanted to attend law school.” After you have read the website, please contact Dave Leibig to get started on your goal of attending law school.