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Resources and guidance on completing each of these steps are available to you in the Internship Office, St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts, Room 107 or in the Career Center, Garey Hall.

6-12 months before

  • Start researching and thinking about your skills, interests, and values; 
  • Consider taking a career assessment available through the Career Center

3-9 months before

  • Talk with your academic advisor about your interest in obtaining an internship. 
  • Attend an Internship Information Session  to learn about the process of obtaining an internship, resources available to you, and applying for academic credit.
  • Make an appointment with a counselor in the Career Center to discuss additional resources for finding internships.

3-6 months before

  • Write drafts of your personal resume and cover letter. Have them reviewed by both the counselors in the Career Center and the Internship Office.
  • Prepare for upcoming interviews by participating in a mock interview at the Career Center. Call for an appointment.
  • Apply for internships by sending out your resume, a specific cover letter for that job or employer, and any additional requested materials (such as writing samples, a transcript, etc.) Follow up with employers in the coming weeks to check on the status of your application.

1-3 months before

  • Attend interviews; send thank you notes as soon as possible to all the professionals you met with at each company. Follow up with employers as appropriate until a decision is communicated. 
  • Evaluate offers. Discuss any questions or concerns with the Internship Office. Accept the internship that best fits you and your goals. Notify the sponsor of the internship you are accepting and those you are declining.
  • Complete an application to be approved for academic credit.
  • Set up meeting with the Internship Office to review requirements and sign Student Agreement.


* The New You - a Career Development Guide.pdf
The New You - a Career Development Guide for students of all years