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Affiliated Programs

As you research internship opportunities, review the following internship programs that provide specialized internship experiences.

The Los Angeles Internship

In connection with Temple University’s Film and Media Arts program, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students may take part in this program. Students from the Communication and English departments take part in this program from late May to the middle of July. Students who are interested in careers in the entertainment industry have found this to be a very valuable experience.  To understand all requirements, students need to contact Dr. John O’Leary.

The Vatican Program

Villanova University is the only institution of higher education in the world with an internship program in the Vatican. Students from the Departments of Computing Sciences and Communication go to Rome, take courses and intern at The Internet Office of the Holy See. Students interested in exploring this program should contact Jill Flanagan as early in the fall semester as possible.

Office of Education Abroad

Internships that are part of a study abroad experience are administered by the Office of Education Abroad. There are currently programs in London, Ireland, Australia, South America and Switzerland. Students should contact International Studies early, as there are very strict deadlines for these highly popular programs.


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