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General Policies

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Students seeking an internship must file an application form and complete the internship agreement, and submit a résumé, job description, and essay detailing the reasons for interning. The application procedure is completed online through the Internship Web site.

Students should also review the internship guidelines available on the right side of this page prior to applying for internship credit.

Credit Approval

Students must secure academic credit approval before the internship begins. Students must schedule a meeting with the Director of the Internship Program. Academic credit is not awarded retroactively for an internship. A maximum of 15 total credits may be earned through the Internship Program.


Monetary compensation for an internship does not affect eligibility to receive academic credit. A student may receive both monetary compensation and academic credit for an internship.

Course Requirements

To earn academic credit for an internship, a student agrees to complete the following requirements:

  • Work Hours: The student must complete a minimum of 150 work hours within a single semester to be eligible to earn three (3) credits. The student must track the number of hours worked each week in the Activity Journal, to be signed weekly by their internship supervisor.
  • Student Internship Agreement: The student must meet with a representative from the Internship Program or attend a group meeting prior to the start of the Internship. The student must sign the Student Internship Agreement as part of the application process and abide by all conditions outlined therein during their internship experience.
  • Learning Objectives: At the beginning of the internship, the student will meet with the site supervisor to establish three to five learning objectives. The student will record the objectives on the Learning Objectives Agreement and both the intern and the site supervisor will sign the Agreement. The Learning Objectives Agreement is due no later than the third week of the internship. 
  • Academic Paper: A student who completes an internship through a major, minor, or concentration must follow the Academic Paper/Research guidelines required by that department. A student who completes an internship as a Liberal Arts elective is required to complete the online course requirements.
* Activity Journal Requirements (Rev Nov 2015).pdf
Interns must maintain an Activity Journal that recounts the specific jobs and functions that he or she has performed. These entries should include the relationship of the projects and tasks performed, the relationship of the activity to the goals and objectives set forth in the Learning Objectives Agreement. The Intern should complete entries for each day at work and indicate the number of hours worked per day. To ensure the intern remains focused on the learning objectives, the site supervisor will review and initial the Activity Journal weekly.

Employer Evaluation Report
The site supervisor must complete the Employer Evaluation, available below, of the student intern and return it to our office. Write recommendations, if appropriate. Ask interns to discuss their experience with your organization. Identify improvements to your internship program and make revisions.

Intern Evaluation Report
Interns will complete an Intern Evaluation Report to help ascertain the effectiveness of the experience including assessment of the workload, quality of supervision, extent of professional development and the overall quality of the internship from the student’s perspective.


Internships during the fall and spring semesters are included in the regular semester tuition. The tuition for a 3-credit summer internship course is $1,077 plus a $15 fee for a total of $1,092.


Internships are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) basis. Internship credits count toward graduation, but are not included in the calculation of the student’s overall GPA. The academic internship will appear on a student’s transcript under the academic department awarding credit.


Internships must be at least 150 work hours in length to earn three (3) credits. To earn an additional three (3) credits, the student would need to complete an additional 150 work hours and register for additional credit. In all cases, the employer must verify the number of hours worked.

Multiple internships: Students are encouraged to complete multiple internships. If a student wants to continue an internship experience for an additional semester, the student must demonstrate that he/she is completing additional responsibilities. The Internship Program and the faculty chair of the sponsoring academic department determine the legitimacy and issuance of credits for interships.

Application Deadline

To register for an internship, students must complete the online application according to the following deadlines:

Spring 2020: December 6, 2019
Summer 2020: April 30, 2020
Fall 2020: August 7, 2020


To participate in an academic internship, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a full-time, undergraduate student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences;
  • Have rising sophomore standing (minimum 30 credits completed) for a Liberal Arts and Sciences internship or rising junior standing (minimum 60 credits completed) for internship credit in a Major, Minor, or Concentration; and
  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 (fall or spring semester internship), or 2.7 for a summer internship.

Types of Internships

There are four types of internships:

Major: A practical experience related to the student's major. This is the most common way for students to take part in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Internship Program. There may be prerequisite coursework before a student will be permitted to do an internship. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of all course requirements for an internship.

Minor: An experience related to the student's minor. Some departments require prerequisites to complete an internship.

Concentration: An experience related to the student's concentration. Some departments require prerequisites to complete an internship.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Elective: The Liberal Arts and Sciences Elective Internship allows a student to complete an internship as a career exploration opportunity in an area unrelated to the student's major, minor, or concentration. The Elective Internship provides students an opportunity to use their transferable skills and gain professional experience.


* The New You - a Career Development Guide.pdf
The New You - a Career Development Guide for students of all years