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1-Credit Courses


Professional Development Courses for Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

See the master schedule in MyNova for the current class offerings. Search under the subject "Arts/Sciences Prof Development" for the full listing.

Typical course offerings:

ASPD 2000 Professional Development for CLAS Students – 1 Credit
Learn how to create a professional résumé, research internships and professional positions, conduct an informational interview, answer job interview questions, network with alumni, and create a professional development plan. Learn how to market the skills you are developing as a student in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences effectively for professional positions.

ASPD 2001 Introduction to Professional Writing – 1 Credit
Learn the hallmarks of effective professional writing: How to target an audience while writing clearly, concisely, and persuasively. Gain valuable professional writing experience directly transferable to writing in internships and professional positions.

ASPD 2002 The Legal Profession – 1 Credit
Investigate areas of law and potential legal paths as you learn what it means to "think like a lawyer." Learn how to maneuver successfully through the application process and how to transition well to the challenges of law school.

ASPD 2003 Professional Communication – 1 Credit
This course provides a foundation for leadership studies and professional speaking. You will enhance your professional communication by learning various perspectives that will deepen your understanding of leadership and enable you to succeed in a diverse, ever-changing workplace.

ASPD 2004 Social Networking for Career Success – 1 Credit
Making connections and staying connected has never been easier with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Learn how to harness the power of social media for professional gain and become a savvy social networker.

ASPD 2005 Networking for Success – 1 Credit
Learn the importance and relevance of networking for your professional success. This course is designed for students who want to identify, understand, and develop personal strengths and relationships to explore and expand professional opportunities.

ASPD 2006 The Political Ecosytsem – 1 Credit
This course introduces students to the political ecosystem from four vantage points: the media, campaigns and advocacy, Congress, and the Executive Branch. Students will study the functions of and interaction between these sectors and job prospects in each.

ASPD 2007 Global Leadership – 1 Credit
Using a case study approach, introduce global leadership by demonstrating how a corporation applies leadership theories and practices while achieving a global mindset.

ASPD 2008 Organizational Leadership – 1 Credit
Using a case study approach, introduces students to organizational leadership, demonstrating how a firm applies leadership theories and practices through its organizational units to achieve success.

ASPD 2009 Creativity and Innovation – 1 Credit
Collaborate on team-based projects designed to foster an understanding of real-world business problems that require creative and innovative solutions. Open to All Undergraduate Students Weekend commitment is a requirement Class will meet for three prep sessions prior to weekend event.

ASPD 2011 Personal Finance - 1 Credit
Personal finance is an important life skill, and after graduation, you will be responsible for your own money. Explore topics such as budgeting; living on your own; saving for that dream car, house, and vacation; responsible use of credit cards; and investing for retirement. You'll identify your values and differentiate needs from wants, and learn how to set short, medium and long-term financial goals.

ASPD 2012 Professional Skills & Strengths - 1 Credit
Professional Skills and Strengths teaches students how to understand, communicate, and leverage their skills and strengths when applying for internships and jobs.

ASPD 2013 Introduction to Data Analysis - 1 Credit
Introduction to Data Analysis teaches students how to interpret, create, and analyze data utilizing spreadsheets and other technological tools.

ASPD 2014 Public Policy Paths - 1 Credit
Public Policy Paths teaches students about careers and professional opportunities available in national and state government, and in non-profit organizations.

ASPD 2015 Management Consulting - 1 Credit
Students will learn about the management consultancy field and how to best pursue opportunities while engaging with alumni professionals who've built careers in the industry.

ASPD 2016 The Professorial Life - 1 Credit
Students will learn what the professional life of a professor is like, from teaching, research and scholarship, to administration, mentorship, service and more.

ASPD 2017 Mathematical Communities – 1 Credit
This course is an introduction to the study of mathematics. Creative thinking, problem solving, and collaboration are explored. Mathematics research and careers in the mathematical sciences are emphasized. Students also build community with fellow math majors. This course is restricted to First-year Mathematics majors.

ASPD 2018 A Life Well Lived - 1 Credit
Discuss and practice the core concepts of a life well lived, as studied by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, around the core concepts of generosity, gratitude, awe, positive neuroscience, and future mindedness.

ASPD 2019 Science of Happiness - 1 Credit
Follow along with the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley's podcasts, "The Science of Happiness," and integrate the concepts and practices for a daily routine defined by gratitude, resilience, forgiveness, and attention to the present moment.

ASPD 2020 Building a Failure Resume - 1 Credit
Failure is normal and healthy - and it can be transformative Learn from the failure resumes of others, and walk away with your own failure resume and ability to articulate how you have demonstrated growth, change and resilence.

ASPD 2021 Adulting 101 - 1 Credit
From saving for retirement and renting that first apartment to negotiating your starting salary and sorting out employer provided health benefit, Adulting 101 prepares students for life after graduation and beyond.

ASPD 2022 Prep for Carrers in Fin Serv - 1 Credit
Learn how to successfully identify, apply for, and interview for internships and entry-level positions in the financial services industry, and build relationships with alumni who are industry experts.

ASPD 2023 Navigating Roadblocks - 1 Credit
In Navigating Roadblocks, students will have the opportunity to discuss and consider effective approaches to managing stress, setting realistic goals, and persisting after failure or setbacks.

ASPD 2024 Understanding Financial Rpts - 1 Credit
This course will emphasize the creation and analysis of the basic financial accounting statements - the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement - as well as their interpretation and how they are used in making financial and investing decisions.

ASPD 2100 Preparing for Health Careers - 1 Credit
Five interpersonal and four intrapersonal competencies sought by health professions schools. What they mean, why they are important in health care, and how to develop them in oneself.

ASPD 2101 The Road Less Traveled - 1 Credit
This course is designed to expand students' awareness of the array of health professions. Guest speakers from fields students choose less frequently will come to class and introduce their professions. Students will have the opportunity to expand their perspective in search of their "fit", while simultaneously learning more about health care and health professionals.

ASPD 2103 Charting Your Course - Science - 1 Credit
Exploration of professional options offered by a degree in the sciences, such as careers in pharmaceutical and vaccine development, data analytics, and more.

ASPD 2200 Applied Professional Development – 1 Credit
Students will enhance their professional development and career knowledge through this overview of important and relevant topics related to investigating career paths and applying to internships and jobs. The one-credit Independent Study offering is designed to give students greater flexibility in course scheduling. Restricted to CLAS students with permission of Director of Professional Development. 

ASPD 3000 Topics in Prof. Development – 1 Credit

This three-credit independent study course is designed to examine the skills and tools students need to prepare for a career. Whether students are preparing for an internship or their first full-time job after graduation, certain skills are necessary as you locate, apply, interview, and negotiate for a position. This course considers building a strong career toolkit including exploring areas of various industries, résumé /cover letter preparation, job/internship search preparation, interview skills, salary negotiation, social media, and professional etiquette in the workplace. Permission of instructor required to register.

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