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Short-Term Work Opportunities for the Class of 2020

Provided by Villanova Alumni Champions

Interfaith Hospitality Network of the Main Line

Champion Sponsor: Judy Duroseau
Position Title: PR Campaign Intern
Number of Positions Available: Three
Description: The Interfaith Hospitality Network of the Main Line ( will be going through a rebranding this summer to become "Family Promise of the Main Line." We are requesting assistance from a student to help with developing a PR Campaign around the rebranding. Would appreciate their help developing a plan and launch in conjunction with our fall virtual fundraiser on September 13.
Position Begin and End Dates: July 1 (or earlier) to September 13, 2000
Compensation: Unpaid Experience
Contact Method: Please e-mail Judy Duroseau at

San Diego Unified/Education

Champion Sponsor: Katherine (Kate) Little
Position Title: Curriculum Writer 
Number of Positions Available: One
Description: This is an opportunity to write curriculum that is culturally responsive. I am looking to create book choices and curriculum for small groups of middle school students with a range of reading abilities. Curriculum can be developed to reflect 1:1 learning, digital collaborations and discussions, as well as formative and summative assessments. This project length would vary based upon the depth of the curriculum and amount of books used. It could vary depending on how many books a person chooses to use. However, I would like to be able to review the curriculum by August 15th.
Position Begin and End Dates: Position begins as soon as possible and continues through August 15 with possibility to provide ongoing tutoring support. 
Compensation: Unpaid Opportunity
Contact Method: Please e-mail to learn more.

Theatre Ariel

Champion Sponsor: Deborah Baer Mozes
Position Title: Digital Archivist
Number of Positions Available:
Description: Digitilize the archives of Theatre Ariel for our 30th anniversary season. Perhaps creating a few slide shows as well. I believe this would be a 2-3 month project.
Position Begin and End Dates: July 1 through the end of Septermber 2020
Compensation: Volunteer Experience 
Contact Method: Please e-mail Deborah Baer Mozes at

Brian Yodice, D.C., P.C.

Champion Sponsor: Dr. Brian Yodice
Position Title: Project Specialist 
Number of Positions Available: One
Description: Business reopening: Development of marketing strategy, office administration and safety policies and protocols, employee handbook.
Position Begin and End Dates: Immediate -- End date September/October 2020
Compensation: Project rate $500-$1500 depending on scope of work; $30/hr
Contact Method: Please contact Dr. Yodice at; Cell: 516-991-0438.

Steppingstone Scholars

Champion Sponsor: Katie Culver
Position Title: Qualitative Data and Student Outcomes Study Specialist 
Number of Positions Available: One (Possibly More)
Description: Qualitative data collection/student outcomes study; 6 mos-1 year
Position Begin and End Dates: August 2020 to May 2021
Compensation: Internship/Volunteer
Contact Method: Please contact Katie Culver at

AKSM Media

Champion Sponsor: Andrew K. McKeough
Position Title: Photography Interns
Number of Positions Available: One (Possibly More)
Description: Please visit this link for more information:
Position Begin and End Dates: Summer: ASAP | Fall: August 15th | Spring: January 15th
Compensation: Some Paid/Some Unpaid
Contact Method: Email: OR (personal) | Telephone: (484) 557-8630 | *email is preferred

Contact Information

Office for Undergraduate Students
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Saint Augustine Center 107
Phone: 610-519-3900
Fax: 610-519-6322

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