Villanova DC Public Policy Society Internship Program

Imagine YOU Spending the Summer in DC as an Intern!

Think an internship in DC is beyond your reach? Unattainable? A pipe dream? Think again!

The Villanova DC Public Policy Society (PPS) Internship Program provides summer internship and other experiential educational opportunities for Villanova University students who seek to explore and experience careers in the U.S. Capitol.

Gaining real-world and relevant work experience in Washington, D.C., prior to graduation is vital for students who seek to build a career in DC. Internships allow students to develop professionally and build professional relationships that they can leverage to identify and secure future opportunities. In a town that thrives on the power of relationships and values interpersonal connections, spending quality time in DC working and networking before graduation can help students launch their careers.

PPS members have leveraged their relationships with key organizations in DC to provide valuable internship opportunities to Villanova students. Internship opportunities are available at a number of important organizations, including the Financial Services Roundtable, World Vision, Catholic Relief Services, and others.

Students who would like to participate in the program are asked to follow the application instructions on Handshake for the organizations listed below. Final hiring decisions will be made by the supporting organization that offers the internship.



1. If I apply, interview, and am accepted into the program, where exactly will I intern?
Excellent question! Based on the internship description (listed in the above section), you will select the opportunity that resonates with you. You will complete the application process as stated in the description, and you will be interviewed by the hiring organization.

2. DC is an expensive place to live in the summer. Is there any funding available for living expenses?
Yes, point well taken! DC and its surrounding areas are expensive places to live. If your internship is unpaid, then the DC Public Policy Society will provide a stipend to assist with living expenses for the summer. If the internship is paid, then the student intern will be responsible for securing housing. Thousands of students flock to DC to work summer internships and successfully find housing. You can, too. Check out this link for some information on housing.

3. Do I have to earn academic credit for the internship?
No, you don’t have to earn academic credit for the internship, but we encourage you to explore the option, which will give you the opportunity to reflect on your internship experience in meaningful ways. Check it out here.


The Villanova DC Public Policy Society is comprised of University alumni who work in key public policy roles, and Villanova faculty and staff, who seek to support students as they explore meaningful careers in Washington, D.C. For more information on the society, please contact Rebecca Rebalsky, Assistant Dean of External Relations in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


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