Kolman Internship Scholarship

Purpose of the Richard E. Kolman ‘73 Endowed Fund

The Richard E. Kolman ’73 Endowment is a need-based scholarship fund that seeks “to provide the University with financial resources to support critical needs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and to meet the changing needs of Villanova students.” 

The Endowed Fund was created “to enable the College to enhance its ability to provide students with internships that offer significant experience to expand their education.”

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Office for Undergraduate Students is deeply grateful to Mr. Richard E. Kolman for creating this fund to help students succeed in their internships. 

Application Process

If you would like to be considered for a Kolman Internship Need-Based Scholarship, please submit a one-page description that outlines why funds are requested, how much funding is being sought, and how the funds will be utilized as part of the for-credit application here.

Please know that the pool of funds is limited, and all requests cannot be honored. Students who work unpaid internships AND who demonstrate financial need are eligible to apply. OUS confidentially vets each candidate with the Office of Financial Aid to ensure that eligible students receive the funding support.

Special consideration is given to students who have secured internships with non-profit organizations.

All applications for funding will be carefully reviewed by committee.

Kolman Internship Scholars

If you are the recipient of a Kolman Internship Scholarship, we ask that you do the following to support the scholarship fund and the internship program:

1. Write a letter of thanks to Mr. Kolman at two points during the internship experience. 

2. Serve as a V.I.P. Internship Ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Students and visit ASPD 1000 classes to discuss the value of internships.

3. Write a Blog Post for publication on the OUS Blog that describes the impact your internship experience has had on your academic and professional development.


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