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Retention and Student Support

OUS Retention & Student Support provides leadership and guidance to students, faculty, staff, and parents in promoting academic success. When hardships impact a student’s ability to be successful, we work with your academic team to reduce/eliminate obstacles and expand opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to improve retention, satisfaction, student engagement, academic achievement, and graduation.

After you set your path, there may be detours and changes, but the journey is yours. We are here to support you.


“I am still following, still forging ahead, still walking, still on the road, still extending myself; I haven’t yet arrived.  So if you too are walking, if you are extending yourself, if you are thinking about the things that are to come, forget what’s past, don’t look back at it, or you may stick there where you turn to look back. . . . Forge ahead, my brothers and sisters; always examine yourselves without self-deception, without flattery, without buttering yourselves up. . . .   Always be dissatisfied with what you are, if you want to arrive at what you are not yet.  Because wherever you are satisfied with yourself, there you have stuck.  If, though, you say, “that’s enough, that’s the lot,” then even you perished.  Always add some more, always keep walking, always forge ahead.” – St. Augustine, Sermon 169

Contact Information

Office for Undergraduate Students
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Saint Augustine Center 107
Phone: 610-519-3900
Fax: 610-519-6322

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