Connecting a Degree in Theology or Religion with a Career

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Our programs prepare you for a plurality of careers and for graduate studies. As you are pondering studying with us, consider these five interconnected opportunities the academic study of theology and religion affords you.

your intellectual and spiritual live, thoughts, and moral choices as you prepare yourself for professional careers. The academic study of theology and religion provides you with the opportunity to formulate responses to our world's most demanding questions.

the study of other fields in science, engineering, business, nursing, and the humanities, especially if you plan to enter professions such as law, medicine, business, human services, education, journalism and social work, or pursue advanced studies in these and related fields, where broad, interdisciplinary, and ethical perspectives matter.

careers in humanitarian, philanthropic or other non-profit, charitable organizations.

in religious organizations as campus, youth or parish minister, educator, catechist, retreat worker, administrator, counselor, spiritual director or in one of the many other positions such organizations offer.

further and seek admission to our Five-Year Bachelor/Master's Degree in Theology and pursue advanced studies in Theology at Villanova, or study Religion at other institutions of higher learning. Earn both admission to and financial aid from distinguished master's programs.

Connecting to Careers

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Villanova's Career Services provides access to an Online Career Library with information about common employment areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities in theology and religion.

Alternatively, explore additional information to learn about the wide range of career opportunities for college graduates with a degree in theology and religion, or download the Career's Brochure.