Undergraduate Program in Theology & Religion


Faith, Reason, and Culture

We emphasize the study of Catholicism in dialogue with other Christian traditions and world religion. In this endeavour, are committed to the time-honored definition of our theology's task to be “faith seeking understanding” (Anselm of Canterbury). In everything we do, we draw upon the rich legacy of St. Augustine’s passionate pursuit of truth, a purposeful endeavor that evokes the union of mind and heart, links faith with rational reflection and, in dialogue with culture and other religious traditions, builds unity in the midst of diversity.


Multi- and Interdisciplinarity

Our students participate in what Augustine calls the restless search for wisdom and embark on an academic journey that recognizes Christian theology as a living, ongoing tradition that continues to be refined as it engages the contemporary world. Such engagement both demands plural approaches and contributes to synergy on campus with respect to theological and religious studies.


Forward Looking Programs

VU is a leader in TRS education. Our programs assure vibrant, high-quality learning for the third millennium. Whereas each curriculum develops distinctive skills, all are inspired by the Catholic intellectual and the Augustinian traditions.


Global Opportunities

VU provides students with opportunities to gain international experience necessary to become outstanding leaders and global citizens and to be competitive in today's workplace and in the academy. With OIS we have developed partnerships that are of special interest to our majors.


Preparing for a Career

Our programs prepare you for the job market and also for graduate studies. Villanova's Career Services provides access to an Online Career Library Library with information about common employment areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities in theology and religion.

Welcome Vincent Lloyd

Photo of Lloyd

Professor Lloyd will join our faculty in fall 2016. He comes to us from Syracuse University.

Welcome Massimo Faggioli

photo of faggioli

Professor Faggioli will join the Department of Theology and Religious Studies in fall 2016.

Welcome Brett Grainger

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Professor Grainger joins the Department of Theology and Religious Studies in fall 2016. His areas of expertise are History of Christianity and Spirituality.

New Doctoral Program in Theology

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With a focus on faith engaging culture, the program will offer theological studies within the Catholic and Augustinian traditions.

Ilia Delio Published Book

image of book cover

Making All Things New is the first volume in a new series unveiling the reality of catholicity and wholeness.

Paul Danove Published Book

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This work in biblical linguistics provides a refinement of the Case Frame Analysis method as applied to the Greek of the New Testament.