Proficiency in Religious Thought - The Minor

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A 15 Credit Hours Program


3 Credit Hours

The Foundation Course in the CLAS Core Curriculum, THL1000 Faith, Reason and Culture.

12 Credit Hours

Elective courses in theological and religious studies.

--Three elective credits may be taken from among the preapproved extra-departmental courses listed on this page. The TRS Director of Undergraduate Programs may approve additional courses (for example, a course taken overseas or a particular themes or topics course not listed explicitely in the University Catalog). Because such courses do not carry the Core Theology (CTHL) attribute, they will count toward the Minor degree only with prior approval from the Director.


--The total number of elective credits from outside the TRS Department (including courses taken overseas) must not exceed 3 credit hours.

Declaring the Minor

1 You may declare the Minor any time.

Submit the Minor Application Form.

List of Approved Extra-Departmental Courses

CHE 2930

Catholic Soc Teaching for EGRS

GIS 4275

Global Religions & the State

HIS 1060

Topics in Religion & Society

HIS 2280

Catholic Church in America

HIS 3018

Pagans, Jews, and Christians

HIS 4031

Islamic Civilization to 1800

HIS 4076

Jewish History

HUM 4000

Jews, Christians, Muslims: Dialog

PHI 2450

Catholic Social Thought

PHI 2900

Philosophy of Religion

PHI 2910

Mysticism & Philosophy

PHI 3100

Augustine & Antiquity

PHI 3120

Augustine & Modernity

PHI 3410

Thomas Aquinas

PJ 2600

Catholic Social Teaching

PJ 2900

Ethical Issues in P & J

PJ 3400

War and Morality

PJ 4600

Global Poverty & Justice

PJ 5400

Ethics, Justice and the Family

PSC 3440

Politics and Religion

SOC 2600

Sociology of Religion

THE 3010

Mindfulness in Action