Courses for Concentration

Global Religious Literacy

THL 2900

Catholicism in U.S.

THL 2910

Contemporary Catholicism

THL 5000

Themes in Religion

THL 5100

Heritage of Judaism

THL 5150

Islam: History,Thought,Culture

THL 5160

Islamic Mysticism

THL 5170

Islamic Philosophy & Theology

THL 5180

Islamic Political Thought

THL 5200

Religion in Russia

THL 5260

Mysticism: East & West

THL 5270

Religion in India and SE Asia

THL 5280

Religion in China and Japan

THL 5285

Buddhist Tradition

THL 5300

Eastern Christian Life/Thought

THL 5820

Religion in America

 THL 6050


THL 6100

Service Learning Charity

THL 6400

Independent Study

Students may complete the following approved Tier 1 elective courses outside the THL/RST Department without seeking prior approval from our Director of Undergraduate Programs. The Director may approve individual courses taken in areas not identified below. 

GIS 4275

Global Religions & the State

HIS 3018

Pagans, Jews, and Christians

HIS 3118

Religious Poverty in Mid Ages

HIS 4031

Islamic Civilization to 1800

HIS 4076

Jewish History

HUM 4000


PHI 2440

Amer Indian Thought & Culture

PHI 2920

Asian Philosophies

PJ 3100

Amer. Indian Thought & Culture

Tier 2 courses must be approved by the Director prior to registering for the course. The Director may approve individual courses taken in areas not identified below. 

COM 3403

Intercultural Communication

COM 3448

Multicultural Ledrshp & Dialog

COM 5300

Topics in Intergroup Dialogue

GEV 3520

Middle East & Islamic World

GEV 3525

Geography of Asia

GEV 4550

Geographical Issues Seminar

GIS 2000

Intro to Global Studies

GIS 4280

Race and the Renaissance

GIS 4675

East Asian Comparative Lit

GIS 4950

Latin Amer Studies Seminar

HIS 3006

Medieval Europe 500-1500

HIS 3007

Early Mod Europe 1500-1750

HIS 3240

Russia 1533-1801

HIS 3241

Imper Russia 1801-1917

HIS 3242

Russia in the 20th Cent

HIS 4041

Hist Modern Middle East

HIS 4090

Women in the Middle East

HIS 4095

Top Middle Eastern Hist

HIS 4210

Byzantine Civilization

HIS 4315

Intro to Hist of Chinese Civ

HIS 4316

Intro to His of Japanese Civ

HIS 4320

Modern East Asia

HIS 4330

China in 20th Century

HIS 4335

Modern Japan

HIS 4350

VietnamColonialism/War 1940-85

HIS 4360

History of Modern South Asia

HIS 4365

Modern India and Pakistan

HS 3400

Working w Diverse Populations

PHI 3160

History of Islamic Phil

PSC 4200

South Asia

PSC 4401


PSC 4500

Contemp East Asian Politics

PSC 4700


PSC 4750

Latin America

PSC 4900

The Arab States

PSC 5351

Russian Foreign Policy

PSC 5500

Africa in World Politics

PSC 5700

Third World Politics

PSC 5850

East Asia's Political Economy

PSC 5875


PSC 5900

Middle East International Rels

RUS 4110

Russian Civilization

SAR 2009

Sounds of Slavic Spirit

Language Option: Critical Languages

With prior approval of the Director of Undergraduate Programs students may complete the following language courses. The Director may approve individual courses not identified below. 

ARB 1111

Basic Arabic I

ARB 1112

Basic Arabic II

ARB 1121

Intermediate Arabic I

ARB 1122

Intermediate Arabic II

ARB 1123

Intermediate Arabic I

ARB 1124

Intermediate Arabic II

ARB 1125

Intermediate Arabic III

ARB 1131

Intensive Adv Arabic I

ARB 1132

Intensive Adv Arabic II

ARB 1133

Conversational Arabic I

ARB 1134

Conversational Arabic II

ARB 2100

Arabic Lit in English Trans

ARB 2141

Arab-Andulasian Legacy

ARB 2142

Arab Culture

CHI 1111

Basic Chinese I

CHI 1112

Basic Chinese II

CHI 1121

Intermediate Chinese I

CHI 1122

Intermediate Chinese II

CHI 1131

Advanced Chinese I

CHI 1132

Advanced Chinese II

CHI 1133

Advanced Chinese III

CHI 1134

Advanced Chinese IV

CHI 1135

Conversational Chinese I

CHI 1136

Conversational Chinese II

CHI 2143

Chinese Culture

CHI 3414

Chinese Classical Thought

JPN 1111

Introductory Japanese I

JPN 1112

Introductory Japanese II

JPN 1121

Intermediate Japanese I

JPN 1122

Intermediate Japanese II

JPN 1131

Advanced Japanese I

JPN 1132

Advanced Japanese II

JPN 1133

Advanced Japanese III

JPN 1134

Advanced Japanese IV

JPN 2100

Japanese Lit Eng Trans

RUS 1111

Introductory Russian I

RUS 1112

Introductory Russian II

RUS 1123

Intermediate Russian I

RUS 1124

Intermediate Russian II

RUS 1125

Intermediate Russian III

RUS 1131

Conversation Composition

RUS 1132

Advanced Convers & Comp