Courses for Concentration

Spirituality Studies

THL 2480

New Testament Spiritualities

THL 4500

Augustinian Spirituality

THL 4550

The Contemplative Tradition

THL 4700

Spirituality and Technology

THL 4990

Themes Spirituality Studies

THL 5160

Islamic Mysticism

THL 5260

Mysticism: East & West

THL 6050


THL 6100

Service Learning Charity

THL 6400

Independent Study

Students may complete the following approved Tier 1 elective courses outside the THL/RST Department without seeking prior approval from our Director of Undergraduate Programs. The Director may approve individual courses taken in areas not identified below. 

HUM 3050

The Poetry of Meditation

PHI 2910

Mysticism & Philosophy

THE 3010

Mindfulness in Action 


Language Option: Classical Languages

With prior approval of the Director of Undergraduate Programs students may complete the following language courses. The Director may approve individual courses not identified below. 

LAT 0200

Intro Latin I

LAT 0201

Intro Latin II

LAT 1111

Introductory Latin I

LAT 1112

Introductory Latin II

LAT 1113

Intensive Introductory Latin

LAT 1121

Intermediate Latin I

LAT 1122

Intermediate Latin II

LAT 2031

Intermediate Latin I

GRK 1051

New Testament Greek I

GRK 1052

New Testament Greek II

GRK 1111

Introductory Ancient Greek I

GRK 1112

Introductory Ancient Greek II

GRK 1113

Intensive Intro. Ancient Greek

GRK 1121

Intermediate Ancient Greek I

GRK 1122

Intermediate Ancient Greek II

GRK 3001

Readings in Authors