Courses for Concentration

Faith and Culture Studies

THL 2900

Catholicism in U.S.

THL 2910

Contemporary Catholicism

THL 3600

Liturgy, Cultures, and Justice

THL 3760

Faith, Identity, and Calling

THL 4700

Spirituality and Technology

THL 5400

Science & Religion

THL 5410

Theology and Film

THL 5420

Modernity and Crisis of Faith

THL 5450

Religion, Art, and Science

THL 5800

Religion and Literature

THL 5820

Religion in America

THL 5850

Women in Rel & Society

THL 5999

Themes Faith and Culture

THL 6050


THL 6100

Service Learning Charity

THL 6400

Independent Study

Students may complete the following approved Tier 1 elective courses outside the THL/RST Department without seeking prior approval from our Director of Undergraduate Programs. The Director may approve individual courses taken in areas not identified below. 

HUM 3001

ENG: Lewis Tolkien & Inklings

HUM 3002

Romantic Revolutions

HUM 3003

LIT English Catholic Literatur

HUM 3140

PSC: Religion and Politics

HUM 3250

Ethics & Culture Wars

HUM 4500

J.R.R. Tolkien

HUM 5800

THL: Religion & Literature

PHI 2550

Technology & Society

PSC 6140

Religion and Politics

SOC 2600

Sociology of Religion 

Tier 2 courses must be approved by the Director prior to registering for the course. The Director may approve individual courses taken in areas not identified below. 

ARB 2142

Arab Culture

CHI 2143

Chinese Culture

CST 2100

Intro. to Cultural Studies

CST 4100

Capstone Sem of Cultural Stud

ENG 2043

Writing About US Pop Culture

ENG 4501

Amer Transcendentalism

GIS 4751

Cultural Studies

GWS 2050

Gender and the World

HIS 2309

Artifacts in History

HUM 2003

PHI: World

NUR 3114

Nsg Care Adults & Older Adults

NUR 4108

Nsg Care Child & Adol

NUR 4118

Cult Infl on Hlth Blf & Prac

PHI 2400

Social & Political Phil

SAR 4007

Painting of Icons

SOC 2100

Cultural Anthropology