Courses for Concentration

Historical and Augustinian Studies

THL 2500

Themes Ancient Christianity

THL 2525

Themes Medieval Christianity

THL 2550

Themes Modern Christianity

THL 2590

Themes Historical Theology

THL 2750

Augustine Then and Now

THL 2760

Augustine's Influence & Legacy

THL 2780

Christianity in History

THL 2795

History of Religion in Italy

THL 2900

Catholicism in U.S.

THL 2910

Contemporary Catholicism

THL 4500

Augustinian Spirituality

THL 4550

The Contemplative Tradition

THL 5820

Religion in America

THL 5850

Women in Rel & Society

THL 6050


THL 6100

Service Learning Charity

THL 6400

Independent Study

Students may complete the following approved Tier 1 elective courses outside the THL/RST Department without seeking prior approval from our Director of Undergraduate Programs. The Director may approve individual courses taken in areas not identified below.

HIS 2280

Catholic Church in America

HIS 3006

Medieval Europe 500-1500

HIS 3018

Pagans, Jews, and Christians

HIS 3108

The Crusades

HIS 3118

Religious Poverty in Mid Ages

HIS 3131

The Reformation

HIS 3142

The Enlightenment

HON 1002

Interdisc Humanities I: HIS

HON 1003

Interdisc Humanities I: THL

HON 1052

Interdisc Humanities II: HIS

HON 1053

Interdisc Humanities II:THL

HON 2003

Interdisc Humanities III: THL

HUM 3002

Romantic Revolutions

HUM 3003

LIT English Catholic Literatur

PHI 3100

Augustine & Antiquity

PHI 3120

Augustine & Modernity

PHI 3410

Thomas Aquinas 

Tier 2 courses must be approved by the Director prior to registering for the course. The Director may approve individual courses taken in areas not identified below.

CLA 2032

Classical Mythology

ENG 4501

Amer Transcendentalism

GWS 2050

Gender and the World

HIS 3005

Ancient World to 500 AD

HIS 3007

Early Mod Europe 1500-1750

HIS 3011

Greek Civilization

HIS 3014

Medit Wrld Alexander to Caesar

HIS 3017

The Roman Empire

HIS 3019

The Fall of Rome

HIS 3101

Early Medieval History

HIS 3115

The High Middle Ages

HIS 3121

The Renaissance

HIS 3360

Women in the Pre-Modern West

HIS 4210

Byzantine Civilization

HIS 5501

Sem in Historical Methodology

HON 1000

Interdisc Humanities I:PHI

HON 1001

Interdisc Humanities I:LIT

HON 1004

Interdisc Hum I: Soc Sci

HON 1050

Interdisc Humanities II: PHI

HON 1051

Interdisc Humanities II:LIT

HON 1054

Interdisc Hum II: PSC

HON 2000

Interdisc Humanities III: PHI

HON 2001

Interdisc Humanities III: LIT

HUM 3170

The Nature of Human Freedom

HUM 4500

J.R.R. Tolkien

HUM 5000

History, Mystery, Destiny

HUM 6000

Great Thought Seminar

PHI 2800

Philosophy of History

PHI 3020

History of Ancient Philosophy

PHI 3030

History of Medieval Philosophy

PHI 3040

Hist of Early Mod Philosophy

PHI 4875


Language Option: Classical Languages

With prior approval of the Director of Undergraduate Programs students may complete the following language courses. The Director may approve individual courses not identified below.

LAT 0200

Intro Latin I

LAT 0201

Intro Latin II

LAT 1111

Introductory Latin I

LAT 1112

Introductory Latin II

LAT 1113

Intensive Introductory Latin

LAT 1121

Intermediate Latin I

LAT 1122

Intermediate Latin II

LAT 2031

Intermediate Latin I

GRK 1051

New Testament Greek I

GRK 1052

New Testament Greek II

GRK 1111

Introductory Ancient Greek I

GRK 1112

Introductory Ancient Greek II

GRK 1113

Intensive Intro. Ancient Greek

GRK 1121

Intermediate Ancient Greek I

GRK 1122

Intermediate Ancient Greek II

GRK 3001

Readings in Authors