Courses for Concentration

Sacred Texts

THL 2050

Old Testament Survey

THL 2100

Genesis to Judges

THL 2200

Hebrew Prophets

THL 2300

New Testament Survey

THL 2310

Synoptic Gospels

THL 2320

New Testament Letters

THL 2330

Johannine Literature

THL 2400

Archaeology of the Bible

THL 2420

Women in the Bible

THL 2460

Bible and Environment

THL 2470

New Testament Ethics

THL 2480

New Testament Spiritualities

THL 2490

Themes Biblical Studies

THL 6050


THL 6100

Service Learning Charity

THL 6400

Independent Study

Students may complete the following approved Tier 1 elective courses outside the THL/RST Department without seeking prior approval from our Director of Undergraduate Programs. The Director may approve individual courses taken in areas not identified below. 

PHI 4875


Tier 2 courses must be approved by the Director prior to registering for the course. The Director may approve individual courses taken in areas not identified below. 

CLA 2032

Classical Mythology

GRK 4250

Greek Historians

GRK 4350

Greek Orators

GRK 4450

Greek Philosophers

GRK 5850

Greek Tragedy

GRK 5950

Greek Comedy

HIS 3005

Ancient World to 500 AD

HIS 3006

Medieval Europe 500-1500

HIS 3011

Greek Civilization

HIS 3014

Medit Wrld Alexander to Caesar

HIS 3017

The Roman Empire

HIS 3360

Women in the Pre-Modern West

LAT 4051


LAT 4150


LAT 4350


LAT 4450


LAT 4550


LAT 5050

Plautus & Terence

LAT 5250


LAT 5350


LAT 5450


Language Option: Classical and Critical Languages

With prior approval of the Director of Undergraduate Programs students may complete the following language courses. The Director may approve individual courses not identified below. 

ARB 1111

Basic Arabic I

ARB 1112

Basic Arabic II

ARB 1121

Intermediate Arabic I

ARB 1122

Intermediate Arabic II

ARB 1123

Intermediate Arabic I

ARB 1124

Intermediate Arabic II

ARB 1125

Intermediate Arabic III

ARB 1131

Intensive Adv Arabic I

ARB 1132

Intensive Adv Arabic II

ARB 1133

Conversational Arabic I

ARB 1134

Conversational Arabic II

ARB 2100

Arabic Lit in English Trans

ARB 2142

Arab Culture

CHI 1111

Basic Chinese I

CHI 1112

Basic Chinese II

CHI 1121

Intermediate Chinese I

CHI 1122

Intermediate Chinese II

CHI 1131

Advanced Chinese I

CHI 1132

Advanced Chinese II

CHI 1133

Advanced Chinese III

CHI 1134

Advanced Chinese IV

CHI 1135

Conversational Chinese I

CHI 1136

Conversational Chinese II

CHI 2143

Chinese Culture

CHI 3414

Chinese Classical Thought

JPN 1111

Introductory Japanese I

JPN 1112

Introductory Japanese II

JPN 1121

Intermediate Japanese I

JPN 1122

Intermediate Japanese II

JPN 1131

Advanced Japanese I

JPN 1132

Advanced Japanese II

JPN 1133

Advanced Japanese III

JPN 1134

Advanced Japanese IV

LAT 0200

Intro Latin I

LAT 0201

Intro Latin II

LAT 1111

Introductory Latin I

LAT 1112

Introductory Latin II

LAT 1113

Intensive Introductory Latin

LAT 1121

Intermediate Latin I

LAT 1122

Intermediate Latin II

LAT 2031

Intermediate Latin I

GRK 1111

Introductory Ancient Greek I

GRK 1112

Introductory Ancient Greek II

GRK 1113

Intensive Intro. Ancient Greek

GRK 1121

Intermediate Ancient Greek I

GRK 1122

Intermediate Ancient Greek II

GRK 1051

New Testament Greek I

GRK 1052

New Testament Greek II