Courses for Concentration

Fundamental and Systematic Theology

THL 3100

Christian Anthropology

THL 3200

Understanding Jesus

THL 3250

Problem of Evil

THL 3355

Death and Dying

THL 3400


THL 3450

Pastoral Care of the Sick

THL 3510

Marriage in the Christian Tradition

THL 3550

Presence and Absence of God

THL 3600

Liturgy, Cultures, and Justice

THL 3760

Faith, Identity, and Calling

THL 3790

Themes Theological Studies

THL 6050


THL 6100

Service Learning Charity

THL 6400

Independent Study

Students may complete the following approved Tier 1 elective courses outside the THL/RST Department without seeking prior approval from our Director of Undergraduate Programs.

HUM 2001

THL: God

HUM 2002

Human Person

HUM 3000

ENG: The Catholic Imagination

HUM 3100

PHI: Philosophy & Human Person

HUM 3180

PHI: Faith & Reason

HUM 5500

Will & Grace: Simone Weil

PHI 2900

Philosophy of Religion

PHI 4110


PHI 4875


Tier 2 courses must be approved by the Director prior to registering for the course. The Director may approve individual courses taken in areas not identified below.

HUM 3101

PHI: Knowing What's Real

HUM 3170

The Nature of Human Freedom

HUM 3200

PSC: Politics & Human Nature

HUM 4600

PHI: Question of Being

HUM 5100

Vocation & Human Destiny

HUM 5600

PHI: Responsibility & Freedom

PHI 1000

Knowledge, Reality, Self

PHI 2190


PHI 2710

Theories of Knowledge

PHI 4200

Philosophy of Language

PHI 4610

Philosophy of Mind