Program Requirements

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Credit Hours

To fulfill the requirements of the combined  Master’s/Ph.D. program, students complete

  • 78 credit hours in graduate THL course work;
  • Up to 6 credit hours in language courses if required;
  • 1 dissertation writing course (3 credit hours);
  • 2 teaching training courses—theory and supervised practicum (6 credit hours).


Ordinarily, each student must demonstrate reading and comprehending competency in those languages that are relevant to the student’s fields of study. Precise requirements are determined in consultation with the Ph.D. Program Co-Director for Programming and the two Dissertation Co-Directors as soon as the student has chosen his or her directors.


The student’s continuation in the doctoral program is based on three reviews of the materials included in the Portfolio. The Portfolio is an academic archive, a comprehensive, organized and cumulative electronic record of the breadth and depth of a student’s accomplishments over time in coursework, research, teaching, and other academic and professional experiences in the program.

Dissertation Writing and Co-Direction

Students pursue “theology engaging culture” through the lenses of two areas of specialization and acquire expertise in both areas. To assure that all students graduating from the program are familiar with, and competent in, studying the relationships between faith and culture from interdisciplinary theological perspectives, each student will have two dissertation co-directors from the student’s two areas of specialization.